Why is their language so irrelevant in the modern era? What happened?

Why is their language so irrelevant in the modern era? What happened?

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They got overshadow by Germany, UK etc. They are still around but a second fiddle.

French is a LOT more relevant in Africa depending on the country

>French is a LOT more relevant in Africa
Yes and Africans are very relevant in France.


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I wish everyone still spoke Latin instead of peasant anglo language

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I think you meant to post this, no worries

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because english replaced it? isnt it common knowledge

based non-coping

You don't mind other people using pictures of you?

Why is not Norwegian the word language? Really makes you think It is the mother language of English, German, Dutch etc.

Who cares lol, sometimes you win sometimes you lose

Because you didn’t exert yourself enough? You gotta hold the world down and rape its asshole in order to be respected.

BLACK BVLLS such as myself don’t trouble ourselves with such trivial things.

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We did around 1000 years ago, but Christianity made us a bunch of passive faggots.

african men are very relevant in french womens' bedrooms

>It is the mother language of English, German, Dutch etc.
Literally just Danish pronounced like Swedish.

Norwegian, Danish and Swedish is the same language, Sven. The only reason it is seperate countries are because of feuds between different kings.

And atheism is turning christians into passive faggots in the 21st century. Now’s your chance to reclaim your spot on the top of the heap!

Quick fix: Go back to Åsatro.

because any language that spells taxi as "taksi" or chocolate as "sjokolade" is automatically a meme language

>Norwegian, Danish and Swedish is the same language, Sven.
I wish.
Danes and Swedes don't understand each other. Danes don't even understand Norwegian. Read this:
>Det er jo dejligt å være norsk i Danmark. Men allerede første dagen hendte det. Dansk er vanskelig, klager jentene. Og danskene forstår ikke lenger norsk. ”We don’t understand Swedish”, sier noen av dem og rister på beklagende på hodet. Det er ikke noe nytt at danskene ikke hører forskjell på svensk og norsk, det er ikke noe nytt at danskene synes norsk er en lille smule vanskelig. Det nye er at danskene går over til å snakke engelsk. Tidligere har vi da fortsatt på henholdsvis dansk og norsk, bare snakket saktere og tydeligere?

anglo sphere won and dominate, thats what happened, english in the new lingua franca

We actually spell "taxi" as "taxi".

French can't be worse than Italian.

Just because Á became Å in all other words doesn't mean you should put one on asar.
Also, cringe. You can't convert to a religion that's been dead for 1000 years and left zero reliable first hand sources about what it was like.

Btw, if you read your history then you would know that the Christian Norwegians cucked the Pagan ones pretty hard.

If we really have to use loan words then we should at least spell them in a way that fits our language.

The two biggest football managers in Denmark are Åge Hareide (National team) and Ståle Solbakken (FC Copenhagen), both are speaking Norwegian during press conferences. But yes, younger Danes tend not want to understand Norwegian. I think it's a matter of ignorance.

how doesn't it fit swedish? every other fucking letter combination makes the sj-sound anyway

Because Quebecois failed in thei invasion of the USA.

>What happened?

The Anglo became more relevant in business world and frenchs were more interested in culture but money speaks.