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silently burgering a golfball

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How much do you lads weigh? I'm only 195lbs and look skinny

he said "come and see"
and I saw

big fan of the m25

To the American in the other thread, I remember cuckio and I liked it

bond burger?

something like 120 lbs hahahahhaa

196 pounds and I have a belly but can suck it in

About 11 and a half stone

I opened a fortune cookie today that said something financial related will happen on Wednesday so expect something to happen with the economy next week.

Last night I Bond burger your sister?

curious how it would feel to get bummed if i am honest but i am straight

hoooooly shit, wtffff after all these years i finally figured it out im so dumb. (do it in reverse)

Janny janny I summon thee.
Come to thy thread which you shall do for free

visibly pudgy but not a lardass

Ancient baitpost is ancient.

gave a total of €380 to charity the last 2 weeks >150 to temple st (main kids hospital), 100 to dogs trust, and the rest to random local causes

and you?

my neighbor is serving life in prison for murdering three mutts

last night i pierced your sister's buns

15 stone



I went down from 12 maybe 13 due to cancer meds to 11-10. So somewhere around 11 and 10 stone maybe.

I am charity.

janiel will not be pleased with all of you invoking his presence

sister your burger bond night last?

79kg but always think my arms look like twigs

prefer to not say

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why you taking cancer meds you mentalist haha x

just spilt my pint of white wine on my bed


yep. say it fast over and over.

17st 4
but im tall and unironically big boned
wont lie there is a bit of a beer belly atm tho
got a gf tho so let myself go

should have joined the priesthood
would have a comfy apartment in vatican city by now

It was for my psoriasis. Look up methotrexate. I'm on better medication now but I absolutely hated being on that.

fuck off sex haver

and sooooo sally can wait

would much rather a dog than a gf


Just want a girlfriend with a radge arse, is that too much to ask for?

simply don't believe there are aussie virgins
the image i have of you all is so charismatic

first time I've come across this term

supergrass > blur

Fuck off man you daft posh cunt

Would you?

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187cm & 82Kg.

I am the poorest man in this thread

mental how some yanks defend the IRA, can't imagine defending a terror group

what part of england is the most purely anglo-saxon with with no influence from norman frog sucking dandies

fuck off australian chad
hunk surfer dude with nice hair

IRA were based.

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We can sort that out

i'll have sex with you if you carry on mate, see how you like that

just broke the quarantines rules

None of it, England is an omniculture.

thinking about kpop and kdramas being used as a foreign policy tool for the korean government

she can get a deus ex arm

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Congratulations youre nigh on overweight

*freedom fighters

Salty coins and milk

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bought many books from oxfam

*shits pants*
try and shag me now smart guy

based on what

I've completely ignored it. Hasn't been a problem.

got a lot money invested in the ol IRA

the british army is a terror group


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No, no I'm not. Not even close.

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can't get a gf because one day she might ask me to get rid of a spider

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ey man, pussy aint got no arms alright?

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Positive or negative?


not a 401k?

Fuck off you little daft cunt!


nodding my head to this

accepting the unconditional surrender of the British Army in NI with magnanimity.

what's the virgazoidal freak doing? I'd send his jaw flying for coming near me with his paedo-periscope

daft cunt is playing at my house, at my house

why would you buy a 6' camera if you're 5'11 aha

If you won a million quid what would you do?

fatty detected.

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thinking about poo

is is gay if two dude analed each other just to see what it feels like out of science and curiosity? like, an agreement to not tell anyone, never to do it again, and both in the understanding that it isnt for pleasure, but basically just a desire to experience a rare experience?

exchange it for USD

invest it wisely

buy a house

buy a gf

yanks converted a missile silo into flats

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Reckon if the irish had been nicer to unionists they'd have sorted it out by now. Northen Ireland turns 100 next year ffs.

Shut up spakka

give a thousand to every man itt, bury the remaining amount somewhere in cheadle then neck myself

IRA were based at times when they were needed to be based

post-1916/Troubles they were just cancer who existed purely as bandits/dealers detrimental to a country that just wanted to get on with things

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it's okay to be gay m8


Shag fannies

how about the women itt?

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feel like pure shit just want him back lads

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The girl in Beetlejuice was so fit.. I'd give her one, I'd give her one!

I would offer £5,000 if they were to shag me and £10,000 more if they could shag three virgins (of their choice) ITT

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>no light

kek it really do be like that

i don't know about you, but I think he may be dead.

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went to the shop to get vodka and orange juice

now drinking vodka and orange juice

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How the fuck do we have 1 in 10 coronavirus deaths worldwide. What about africa and india and all those poor places

wish whaling was a thing here
seems like a good laugh

spent all day posting on Yas Forums

spent a good hour looking at takeaways near me on deliveroo and then decided not to bother

ate a bowl of porridge in the morning and some raspberries but nothing else

im about average weight (19st~)

Latinx lads

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what's coming out of that tube?

what's your issue
no they're not

what'll ya have

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me at the back

why is it bright daylight outside lad?

post a peng lass
would like to see what you consider a peng lass


swarve haircut if i do say so myself

didnt realise we had giants posting among us

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The uh
Five (5) dollar footlong
And some cheese pizza

the covid death statistics get lost there among other death statistics such as people being chained together then having rubber tyres around their necks filled with petrol and set alight for stealing a grape


petite 20 year old vietnamese girls in sundresses?

throwback phwoar

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Only have 500ml of vodka
How fast will I have to drink that in order to pass out 250ml an hour?

ew greasy nerd dont look at me >:

it's suave you fucking spakka

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that's a stock image my friend

my own glass doesn't have ice or a fancy straw

spyro special

pre covid19: foot long turkey, spicy mustard, American cheese, all the veggies you can spare on whole wheat
post covid19: veggie delite with the same fixins as above

based gun

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knew a guy who used to get just ham and bread
literally nothing else

so what is this supposed to be her arsehole?

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just drink it you stupid poof

heh, thanks bud

*flips you the bird*

nothing personnel

I'm overall an ass man though, couldn't date a girl without an impressive and full ass

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Neck the whole 500ml

meatball marinara on hearty italian, cheese and toasted, olives and jalapenos, no sauce

my last gesture to the great man; i edited his height on wikipedia to 6'1, hopefully no one notices and in a couple years that is just accepted as fact.

Of the many communities founded by Scottish Highland immigrants, the language and culture only survives at a community level in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. According to the 2000 census, 1,199 people speak Scottish Gaelic at home

footlong ham on italian with cheese, onions and that. no sauce

you ever seen the film the borderlands? kind of reminds me of that

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pink sky from the sunset is gorgeous. wish i could be sitting in the alps watching it again instead of watching it through my bedroom window.


Im sippin heneseee e

Any video of that people?

shutdown extended through may
waiting for the email saying i'm no longer furloughed, but laid off

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any expat man in?

pink sky at night, shepherd's delight


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based, however for me it simply has to be thighs > arse > chest
if she doesn't have defined collarbones either then I've got no interest at all