Non-virgins BTFO

Non-virgins BTFO

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socrates was black, look at that nose and skull

>tfw khhv 20yo neet virgin failure

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He was norf

You can just become gay and hook up with one of the autists like you on this board, Demosthenes.

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There is nothing more useless than philosophy


There is nothing more useless than sex, especially if it's with people you don't even know or love. The same applies to philosophy.

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Cope, incel.

Cope brainlet

>Mfw philosophy was always just a cope to appear far more erudite to other people, but it , point of fact always just came off as pompous.

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>mutt flag
>retarded opinion
Checks out

Soc al-Rates was a proud Arab

>chooses brainlet subject
>acquires a fa├žade intelligence
Wow, really got me there, Lorenzo.

He's right though. All philosophy is basically "hurr durr i know nothin so just be urself"

I once thought about that too. "Philosopher is for virgin neets" I thought. I was wrong.
Turns out that there are plenty of chad philosophers.
" The Cyrenaics taught that the only intrinsic good is pleasure, which meant not just the absence of pain (as it did for Epicurus), but positively enjoyable sensations. Of these, momentary pleasures, especially physical ones, are stronger than those of anticipation or memory. "

Philosophy isn't a brainlet subject.
All philosophers of note were also physicist and mathematicians. One of them even invented a religion based on mathematics lol

No, that's just reddit Stoicism. You don't know shit about philosophy, stop talking like you know the subject.

What do you mean appear? Philosophers are really well read and have huge average iqs

Yeah, and those guys also took a piss every once in a while, am I a scientist now?

>You don't know shit about philosophy
I mean... two American flags...

>t. Read Horace once

You need it for critical thinking and meaningful engagement with politics you autistic fag

>potato nose
>broad face
He was Ukrainian. Blacks have wide gorilla nostrils and small nose tip, not a potato.

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Horace is a poet. Try to read hegel and see how it goes brainlet

I guess
T. Read the wikipedia pages on philosophy once

Whatever helps you cope with getting a useless degree in mind games

You need green text, genius, your insult backfired.

>repeating the opinions of people that lived thousands of years ago
>useful thing

Yet, there was never a philosopher who could endure the toothache patiently

reminder that the only reason you are virgins is because you feel like your ugly ass is to good to fuck an ugly woman. Which it very much isn't

Hello, woman. I'll fuck ya, idc if you are ugly.

>no soul = beautiful supreme master race.

I guess I'll go play more waifu games.

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What do you mean?