Did you know there are 250 million Portuguese speakers in the world?

did you know there are 250 million Portuguese speakers in the world?
very interesting!
how many people speak your language?

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550 million
Get fucked shitangle

1.1 million in the world

1.5 billion

but our languages are pretty much the same

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about 80 million speak it natively

About 250 million

How dare you say that.
Not a real portuguese I see.

*Brazilian speakers


>how many people speak your language?
10 million.

around 40+ mil also around 1.2 mil Serbs in USA


Like 3?

BASED, eu te amo pila murcha :DD


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>148.8kg of solid robot ass

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30,000 more than speak mine.

Top of the morning to ya potato famine Irish buddy laddie you speak Gaylick, wait i mean Garlic, jk jk love you Celtic bro

Lmao based serbian thinks Angola is Portugal


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Tbh i don't even care anymore bro all i do is reply with either based or cringe all i do is war crimes every day thats what being a based Serb is

no one calls you我 their Slavic bro so stop with the "celtic" nonsense.

Small languages will dissapear

>saying some shit about religion
Shut your beans on toast eating ass up britbong faggot
still better to be celtic than live in an islamized sharia muslim shithole, mohammad.

I never mentioned religion.
I am Scottish so Gaelic but Celtic is a stupid term that has no meaning. Please don't use it for your own safet

carbon copy of me

Sorry about the religion thing you are obviously a gentleman.
And it aint cool to call Celtics meaningless and shit like wtf
how are we a carbon copy?

I never said welsh and irish are meaningless. I said the idea of celtic is.


Probably only around 10-15 million nowadays