Stop calling us central european, we're nordic, thank you

Stop calling us central european, we're nordic, thank you.

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But you guys are in the center of Europe?

God and hell don't discriminate. an infidel is an infidel.

Nope. The Netherlands is the center of Europe.

If heaven is filled with people like you I'd much rather be in hell

Central European? Nordic? More like Hunnic rape babies lmao

>we're nordic
*laughs in Lapland*

You're Nordic as fuck, prussian-german ethnicity.

No, you're alpine

lmao noone cares. Same shit in different asshole

You are Scandinavians who went south to wipe out Celts and Romans. Based.


Can we count Dutch people as nordics?


Sannhetens siffer

The Dutch are our twin brothers, therefore they are nordic as well.

Fuck off an die dirty mof

Kek, just the response I expected from a Dutchman. Hostile as always.

Be careful. I have given you one warning now, Dirk.


not a country

No, no you are not

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>Stop calling us central european, we're nordic, thank you.

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It's actually not based on mysticism, the proto Germanic language started out in Scandinavia, so I think it's completely delusional to say that Germans originally came from Scandinavia. Why otherwise will German be a Germanic language if it came from somewhere else?

your Germanic you retard

Canada is nordic

Scots are more Nordic than Finns

Scandinavians are also Germanic

You look like Gypsies, to me.

Ahem....would you think that the Sami and the Canuck natives are nordic, more nordic than Scandis? Technically they would be.

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I wish I was Germanic.

*casts ancient Gypsy curse upon you*

You asked for it.