How was the second day of Ramadan my dear brothers and sisters?

How was the second day of Ramadan my dear brothers and sisters?
For me it was quite easy again Alhamdulillah

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>How was the second day of Ramadan my dear brothers and sisters?
just ate some ice cream and masturbated, now i intend to shitpost


I got diarrhea so I just slept through the day.

Alhamdulillah it was ezpz

How long do you have to fast for per day, brother in the northern hemisphere?

ez pz
I sleep at 6 so I only really fast for half a day.

From 04.00 until 21.00 brother, 17 hours.


Neat, shorter than last year. I believe it was 18-20 hours depending on your longitude, because it was so close to summer.

Yeah, it is getting shorter and shorter, in a few years it will be in the winter. Insha'Allah I will be fasting with my wife by then.

God did not send Mohammed, and it is against His will to follow any commands he made up.

it turns every 33 years
and sobhan allah we will be all 33 year old in heaven
and Isa died when he was 33 years old

this is not the thread for debating like nerd about sand religions and sand god. you can go do that on /x/

>on Yas Forums

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How do your parents feel about raising such a disappointing son?

Just letting you all know, brother.

Today I will remind them: Mohammedans worship a demon called Tervagant (pic related)

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So, hold on, you're saying God is brown?

Care to elaborate on that?

it's Sallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam

The coran is right.

it seems Kanye should come out of his mansion and record a sequel to Black Skinhead, White Muslim.

I wonder what Abdelkader al Jazairi (may Allah be pleased with him) would think if he were to see you.

Are you calling me a bedouin? So?

user is just a religious tourist. he will convert to another relgion in a couple of years.

a famous demon, Tervagant, sent visions to Mohammad. In a drunken haze Mohammad mixed his native faith, popular Monophysite and Nestorian Christian heresies and Judaism into a puritanical syncretic faith. This new religion was simple, highly syncretic, mercantile, and very zealous. It's no wonder the arab, syriac, and persian world embraced it with fervor.

With Allah as my witness, I would rather take a bullet to the head right now and die as a martyr, than convert to any other religion but my own.

do you have any sources I can research for this? Sounds interesting.

boy, you are plaer than myself. So I can bet 50mil USD that you converted a few years ago only.

People don't convert to Islam, they revert

is that so?

You have to go back to your shithole, Abdullah

huh? what?
Lol at you. You think you are a bedouin.

stay in your shithole, serf.

boy, you are puzzling me. Could you reformulate?

Are you calling me a bedouin? Bc Idgaf

It was alright. I tried running on the treadmill and almost died.

Did you run fasted? I jogged a bit around Dhuhr today.

I ran at 6pm for 5km. I still feel fucked up from it.

You puzzled me first.
Those verses were clearly about people like me.
Were you invited to a Ramadan breakfast before?

Let's be clear. Why does the Quran talk about you? Are you a bedouin? Are Algerians bedouins? Idk about that stuff, man.
>Were you invited to a Ramadan breakfast before?

Tervagant is mentioned in la Chanson de Roland, Vie de Saint Auban, and Chanson d'Antioche. Oswald Spengler writes about the origins of Islam in "Problems of the Arabian Culture"