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N-no this is false you arabs did NOT conquer that far north in france and spain

Asturia.. Remmeber asturia.. PLease...

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So this is why Santander is filled with spastics

Soulless Visigoth filth

The fire rises....

you spend a good time to make fun of Spain, while forgeting they did by themselves the whole reconquista btw, but modern sweden is a highly endangered species due to massive immigration compared to it's little population

Dare I say, based?

Why did the Romans not conquer a similar area for the longest time?

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no minerals, no conquest

>muslims who drank and were pretty chill
>Spain and Portugal
>hardcore catholics and papal slaves

And? Not like France is much better.
If you expect me to go out and defend Swedish immigration policy or get mad at you, you're mistaken.

t. other

Most of the names of that map are invented

cope asturian

Basque masterrace reporting in
Nothing personal sp*nish

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>And? Not like France is much better.
I never sayed that tho, France immigration policy is an absolute mess, also Germany's
>If you expect me to go out and defend Swedish immigration policy or get mad at you, you're mistaken.
then you have no opinion ?
Nevermind, sorry, my post was a bit abrupt. I was just reacting to your post, and bantering you. No offense.
I don't really think Sweden is endangered, it's (obviously) meme-tier.
but i do think that Spain was brave and is one of the greatest Euro country by contributing a lot into the Western civilisation.

it makes iberia a sweet place

>golden roman age
iberia in
>golden muslim age
iberia in
>golden renaissance age
iberia in

>ONLY the basqves resisted the moors
really makes you think...


Based anglo, I used to take the ferry to portsmouth good times. Anglo basque friendship stronk.

Really ?Asturia is Basque?
it's a real question

No they are their own thing, it's Asturias btw. They are very much Celts.

on the est.
>welsh people conquered this area 1500 years ago so we are welsh

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Mmm not Welsh, and not conquest, and not 1500 yrs ago. Ibero-Celts migrated to the Peninsula, on foot, from Central Europe farther back then circa 500 AD

Don't be a cunt Scott I'm just a well travelled basque, there are no ferries to fucking glasgow from the basque country what ya want me to do?

Their look is very recognizable
t. Known relatives from there

B-B-Based Scott will you forget I called you anglo? You're welcome to visit us anytime.

ibero-celts were exterminated long before then and were there before the birth of the lord.
Welsh is a culture not blood.
All Scottish people outside of the Highlands and Lothian have Welsh or Pictish ancestors but none pretend to be them unlike you.

>ibero-celts were exterminated
more like they mixed with different layers of conquerors. that's what the genetic studies on europe says

What? I said people from Asturias look extremely celtic.

>while forgeting they did by themselves the whole reconquista btw
both spain and portugal had help from crusaders from normandy, flanders, england and italy.

And they didn´t, the map is pretty shit.
By 765 all of Al-ndalus population was Christian but the rulers, but they show the cities as muslim, Al-andalus didn´t have a muslim mayority until the XII century.