Are people like this in your country?

Are people like this in your country?

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Literally me. But I get vaccinated, I just convince others not to.

super strategic woke.

where's the lie though. they """coincidentally""" have us locked up indoors while they're setting up all these 5g towers everywhere...not suspicious at all

Part of a conspiracy to kill stupid people? Nice!

i wouldn't get vaccinated over this bullshit either. based burgers

Get some gasoline and a lighter and do what you were born to do user.

>MFW Lockdown happened just as Tesla released its electric truck
Electric cars caused Covid change my mind.

no because we put retards like him to jail after fining his ass, keep your retarded "opinion" to yourself

>take influenza
>put in eggs
>make virus used to chiken instead of human
>inject in human where it doesn't know hot to react
>somehow gives cancer

Yes. A group with 65,000 Israeli Antivax/anti 5Gers got deleted by Facebook.

Dunning Kruger is funny

Why does facebook hate the truth so much?

Yes, the "vaccines cause autism/cancer is cured with herbs/bioenergy" crowd.

>A worldwide increase in the rate of autism diagnoses—likely driven by broadened diagnostic criteria and increased awareness—has fueled concerns that an environmental exposure like vaccines might cause autism. Theories for this putative association have centered on the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, thimerosal, and the large number of vaccines currently administered. However, both epidemiological and biological studies fail to support these claims.


NIH is full of libtards trying to push their communist agenda on us. You're an idiot if you trust any "study" they've done.

my mother thinks 5g is concentrated satan

I convince other people to vaccinate their children so that when I have kids they won't need to be vaccinated because everyone has herd immunity. If your kids are healthy they won't die of diseases; the only reason vaccines exist is because people are simply incapable of providing their children with a healthy upbringing.

they think corona epidemic was orchestrated by Bill Gates in order to put tracking devices in our bodies

>the truth

Conspiracy retards are more confident in their truth than the scientists who actually study the shit that makes this world tick

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I am glad this post could land you in prison in my country.

But then again, you Jews like to call a lot of things "conspiracy".
On a side note, Italy's crematorium ovens are struggling to cremate all the dead bodies using modern equipment, those Germans sure must have been smart...

Yes because they're cremating a single person at a time you fucking cretin, inject yourself with bleach or something to protect yourself from corona you absolute moron why the fuck would you ignore the details only when it benefits you do some research.
God I fucking hate Diaspora Niggers


>Yes because they're cremating a single person at a time
You realize why this is a stupid statement?
Germans couldn't simply cremate hundreds of people at the same time, it's the first fallacy in your repertoire.

Not to mention the crematory chambers that had fucking wooden doors lol

Yeah, look at those high capacity ovens...
Also, why is there little to no trace of Prussian blue in the alleged gas chambers? There is plenty in the fumigation chambers.
Why did these ebil natsees not just use bullets to kill Jews like they had with the Einsatzgruppen, and instead used the cartoonish method of gas chambers?

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There are laws that regulate how you are allowed to burn human remains due to concerns of human dignity. You can burn them a lot faster, but that would be against human rights.

Not sure who you're calling stupid here

Doesn't it strike you as odd that the Germans used the convoluted method of gas chambers to kill people?
Pic related is a schematic of one of the gas chamber. The gassings took place underground, with allegedly more than a thousand people at once. After they had died, they would have to be taken by workers upstairs to the crematorium ovens. Imagine how slow this method would have been.

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They killed plenty with bullets you're just retarded and only read pol tier research in fucking jpgs posted over and over.
Do some research outside sites with the sole focus of debunking the holocaust or pol for once.
Reply is already expected and if you think that way you're paranoid and need to take your pills.

There you go everyone, your brain on Yas Forums.

The people thinking 5G is a means to weaken everyone's immune system so they could force people to use vaccines and in the vaccines the government would put tracking chips, saw this conspiracy talked about constantly in the past two months.
They think they're experts because they read a post on Facebook and saw a video on YouTube of some guy talking about pseudoscience, best case scenario he's a doctor but not for anything scientific but usually it's a bought degree or no degree at all, if they would bother studying physics, learning about where out technology stands today and reading research papers about 5G they would know their claims aren't based in reality.

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Wasn't in Auschwitz yet and the Reinhard camps were destroyed, but in the T4 stations in germany they had ramps where you could throw the corpses down to the crematorium.

So why don't they continue using this method?
The most ludicrous aspects of your story is the Aktion Reinhardt camps. We are meant to believe 700,000 people were killed at Treblinka using diesel fumes (WTF), buried in huge mass graves, then dug up a few months later to be cremated. Yet, as pic related shows, there is no major soil disturbance?