New cute leader of Best Korea :3

New cute leader of Best Korea :3

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>tfw she'll never be my dictator-gf

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imagine her taking bbc

she's ugly as shit anime incels.

go outside.

>survived the Korean War and nearly won
>survived the economic depression and multiple famines after the Cold War
>survived countless sanctions even up to the current day
>actually built and tested nuclear weapons as a successful deterrent from an invasion (unlike Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc.
>now a woman is in charge of running the country

Looks like North Korea will collapse in a few years and end up as a full-blown Chinese protectorate.

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north korea >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> garbage >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> south korea

I want juche mommy

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She looks like a cannibal...
Why do a lot of East Asians look like cannibals?

why's she so smug brehs

because every nk niggas are slaves for her


hopefully she takes up the reins quickly and purges any contenders

Why are North Koreans so dark?

why do they have chad jawlines

Based Manoel.

those are her bodyguards

Can we troll the feminists into celebrating this?

This is what years of socialism do to you.

can we make it happen

They also regularly fuck her

Her eyes are tiny just like her pussy lads

damn brazil has been socialist for at least 500 years then

they're prolly all seething out of jealousy, so no

show some goddamn respect igor

Unironically yes.

That's the natural skin colour of every korean , north koreans don't use bleaching products like the faggots in the south

Fattie is dead, time to worship her

I thought he was talking abou the grim vibe North Koreans have, not the skin tone.

Kek based


guys i got a bad feeling about her. she reminds me of somebody that is a cunt ass bitch.

Boy I'd like to fire my ballistic missile at her... if you know what I mean

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maybe not everyone at the top gets to eat well on some occasions

My little dictator can't be this cute

please explain

with a little bit of makeup and some slutty dresses, she'd look really hot.

kim is dead ?

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I want her to surrogate my offspring, which i will use to further my reach and influence into her secretive cuntry.


ask dennis rodman to fuck her

nah, too much work. you do it and film it so i can fap to it on xvideos

what do you think he was doing when he went there. he was piping every high ranking female continuously when he visited

i believe it.

Stop calling her a dictator.

She's a dictatrix.

Her face is already on par with most Korean leads in that age. I guess she just want that crackhead aesthetic going on there.

She looks like she's wearing a mask of human skin, Silence of the Lambs-like.