Is Varg the biggest WEWUZZER in Europe?

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Honestly curious as to why you guys even give a fuck about this retard.


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Because he is unintentionally funny and entertaining

Varg should stop with the larping a little bit.

Because he's funny, even though he talks a lot of bullshit

I'm actualy starting to think that he says shit like that for humorous effect

He's our trained circus monkey and when he dances we all laugh and when brown thirdies defend his belief they all should go back to africa we laugh even harder.

He is the cool guy, you are jealous because swedoids don't have a guy like Varg

varg needs a job

History begun with Rome in his retarded mind

Keeping the legacy of Rohan alive is full time job

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we wuz vikangz n shiet nygga

In other words, he's too dumb to learn French

That's some serious mental gymnastics for not bothering to learn french to be honest.
Also, I'm pretty sure the celtic gauls were invaders/immigrant at some point, just ask the
basques who don't speak an indo-european language like their celtic neighbours.

Why are people admiring this hick??

if you are into history read books or talk about history

if you are into roleplaying make your dnd campaing

if you have no identity and want wisdom go into philosophy or whatever

no need to mix it all up and become some cringe pathetic larper

dor the same reason people care(d) about Beetlejuice/Gary the retard

because he was right about everything all along

What is Varg's tax policies though?

Based anti germanic germanic

he's right. latin based french language is not Germanic like gauls

Ok so what's his end game?
If it's white ethnostate/ethnoworld, what then? Kill darker whites?

100% income tax for southrons

He's based.

He is a lolcow.

He cute

This man has a wife, dozen children, a fairly self-sustaining lifestyle and a belief system to which he adheres. Which of these do you have?

A lot or weirdos on the internet with identity problems and lack of a paternal figure. Same reason why Jordan Peterson was so popular.

I have a post on Yas Forums that had 20 (You)'s, can Varg say the same?

No his entire philosophy is that nature will sort itself out , and he doesn't hate people who are not white. In fact he probably hates white Christians far more than anyone else. He actually admires Islam to some extent

brownoids pay jizya

It did.
Written history is the only story that matters. Who cares if some random illiterate tribe from southwest France spoke a isolated language 50 thousands of years ago?

He is a based retard

Yeah Varg isn't actually that bad of a dude anymore. He changed a lot in prison.

Yes, and the weird thing is that Varg is aware of that. I remember that he spoke once that the ancient norse didn't really spoke a indo-european language

Umm isn't Gondor in the South?

It is quite likely actually

It wasn't just a single languages, Gallic was wiped out of the entiriety of Gaul and replace with Latin due to genocidal campaigns that the Romans carried out. The language was then replaced with Latin which is the progenitor of the modern French language.

That's all he is doing, just pointing that out because he thought it was interesting. It's a pretty benign statement honestly.

Why does he worship Nazis when Nazis raped his country? Isnt he a traitor to his Saami ancestors?

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he is adored just like how we adore sminem

I'm a respected member of the Yas Forumsernational community