Why are they like this?

Why are they like this?

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butthurtism is the word you're looking for


lol Hungary

colombia's national anthem mentions god

hungary kek

>Hungary WTF???
But, alas! for our misdeed,
Anger rose within Thy breast,
And Thy lightnings Thou did'st speed
From Thy thundering sky with zest.
Now the Mongol arrow flew
Over our devoted heads;
Or the Turkish yoke we knew,
Which a free-born nation dreads

>we dont count
We literally sad the forces of king luis invaded the country

>netherlands and uruguay like us so much they put us in their anthem
damn i had no idea

based France and Spain for making the 3rd world seeth

Making the world seethe one anthem at a time

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wait i thought scandis hated each others

>It was France, the free, the heroic,
>Which in its dreams of centuries slept,
>Awoke irate to life
>At the virile protest of Danton:
>It was France, who sent to the death
>The head of the consecrated King,
>And which built up proudly at its side,
>The altar of the goddess of Reason.
based honduras

it doesn't

Hungary and Italy?

we hate everyone else more

Based mexico. We don't care about other countries.

are you kidding? they suck each other's dicks at every turn.

like you and me suck each other.

No God, no foreign references, that's the way to go

real chads get mentioned but dont mention others


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>Yes, my country is only mentioned Asian country.

Wtf is hungary doing


"del que muriĆ³ en la cruz"

Why does the UK mention the US but not their other colonies? That's quite rude.

It doesn't, learn to read an infographic. Ireland mentions the US, not the UK.

not god

Didn't they teach you the holy trinity in your first communion?

cringe sudaca

still not gos. cope argensimian immigrant

Jesus is God.

they mention us, not the other way round

you are not going to become first world or white by aping cringy atheism

>Jesus is God.
Amerimutt education.

don't be dumb
jesus isn't god

If you believe in the holy trinity it basically is god

all cucks