Food from your country

Post what people eat in you’re a cunt and discuss why Italian cuisine is superior.

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Greek Gyros bump

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Is that a pizza Diavola my man?

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>putting different things on a circle

literally stone age tier

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>t. (((Modern cuisine))) enthusiast

Italian food is objectively inferior because of carbs.

Taste is meaningless.

You're just mad France revolutionized cuisine for the last 100 years


>A mixture of equal amounts of water and milk is heated with a dash of salt. Once it comes to a boil, one egg per serving is cracked into the pot without breaking the yolk, and allowed to cook for about a minute while covered. The soup is served in a bowl, garnished with scallions, which may be fried beforehand but usually are not, curly cilantro, and a piece of stale bread called "calado" which softens in the changua. It is sometimes served with pieces of cheese which melt into the soup.


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looks Russian


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Ever heard of La haute cuisine? There's a reason why Italian chefs went to France to learn how to cook

interesting. wouldnt bet on it tasting excellent, but then maybe it would disprove my bets

Denmark gave a 13 to Finnish cuisine :C

not a big fan of pizza desu
would devour these two though

I only feast on the blood of my enemies

I only feast on the semen of my enemies

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These look/sound fantastic.

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This is the staple of "I want to make something but not too complicated".

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Why Italian like the Spanish?

porca puttana che bella

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if you know you know

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You know what? This is probably my fav itt. Simple, easy to prepare, yet absolutely delicious.

Which wine would you serve with that?

I like the quiche Lorraine senpai

Because we support our med family, also because it’s good.

I really like Galician meat btw

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No Party is complete without the original Mettigel
(And yes, you eat it raw like that!)

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t. chi

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Raw meat gang !

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I’m a subhuman when it comes to wine because I only drink white wine, so I’ll just tell you what is my favourite wine that I’d drink with that (and especially fish and fish based pasta): Chardonnay.

Either from Puglia or Trentino/Friuli

Thank you

Danes are very self-centered. In terms of arrogance they're the France of the Nordic countries, if you will.

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i kind of disagree on the tomato, i prefer to marinate it with salt pepper oil and basil instead of leaving it there like that

What's that on the plate in the background?

I made dis :3

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i tried this one time. it was pretty disgusting tb h

It's an acquired taste for sure, not everyone likes it.

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Tartar is literally the food of the gods.

Why do people hate on Peruvian food? Just googled it and it looks ok

close but no cigar

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i could literally eat an entire thing of salami

that salame looks of poor quality
a grilled slice of polenta, and what i would guess is some sort of gorgonzola derivate and a crispy slice of bacon

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That's not a lot desu.

>Bong cuisine.

I see only oil.

circles are good

>a grilled slice of polenta, and what i would guess is some sort of gorgonzola derivate and a crispy slice of bacon

I'm literally in love with you, that dish, your entire country and every Italian who lives, has lived, and will live.

It’s called baccalà mantecato, it’s an emulsion of says “Cod” but I’m not sure, a Nordic fish however, that fish boiled in milk and pepper, deboned and the emulsified with two different oils and some parsley if you want.

You place a dollop of that on top of a slice of grilled polenta and you’re in heaven

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mmm greasy cardboard

I guess you're blind then, here's new england style

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Oh thanks. LOOKS delicicious, but I don't like fish.

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nowt wrong with British cuisine

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>clam pizza
What the fuck is wrong with you ?

I'll give it to you, that picture captures the spirit (and color palette) of Great Britain

you sure it's baccalà? looks like some gelato al gorgonzola (just because i see the bacon on top which doesnt seem to fit in, otherwise i would have agreed)

New York style in a wood oven? Is this “traditional” to that style?

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deep dish pizza is clearly superior

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My host family in UK would make hot crumpets with a thin layer of Utterly Butterly and an even thinner layer of Vegemite. I was in heaven.

I doubt anyone that answered the survey even tried most of those.

È baccalà mantecato

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what the fuck is on that pizza?

isn't that indian food. nothing british about that

fuck off

Looks fucking disgusting, no finesse, no aesthetics, just massive portions with the maximum amount of grease.

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