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shirt edition

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My brain feels like sloppy joe today

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first for non-invited stranger

bf just mmsed me this

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No friend you are always invited :)

is that Peralta
a conference about world time?

death knocks gently on my door
i can hear multiple neighbours
incessantly dry coofing through the walls
the same out on the street

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I have 230K pesos in my bank account.
Enough for a 24 pack of mountain dew


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think my boyfriend would like it?

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Don't you have mexicoke in mexico? Drink that instead.

excellent post

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>this dude is super horny
[about pontiac bandit]

is it a crime to steal bread for your family?
is it a crime to smoke weed?
or to sell weed to buy some video games?
or to steal video games because you smoked all that weed?

yes.... all of those are crimes

thanks friend, it's so comfy here

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It's not.

I love coke, but it's nice to change things every once in a while.

uhh, we have better cokes tho
for example THIS

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Since when did "olmec" become an Yas Forums meme?

>Hit me with a tremendous beam of light Fauci, we have to find the cure
>B-but sir.. it’s untested

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Just dropped off my car for service and my battery is at 20%
I'm scared bros

I like to mix it up with one of these babies.

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get a new battery?

My phone battery
I hope they don't take long

Top tier. I also like ice cold dr pepper (really ice cold, just cold is not good)

since some racist mexican americn started posting a lot about them
can't you get another one?

delicious batteries

my favourite thing in the world
do i sound insane

>cool cool cool cool cool
this show is awesome, it's my current "teddy-bear" show (i don't know how to say that in English, i mean my comfy show somehow
hopefully they will made a new season

been drinking a lot of these lately

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This would make me irrationally angry

what is it

depends, is your boyfriend a 4channel janitor by vocation?

i get that, there's the new season fully now on torrents and stuff

and i watched a lot of xavier dolan's kinos so i was kinda into him at some point like 10 years ago
au quais

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love you /cum/
keep being yourself

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what about the mean nasty bullies

never had these before, how are them?
>dr pepper
bit overrated desu but not bad, it's texan so it's a plus for me

I accept my past and current self. Changing myself would be running away, I will not run away from who I am.

ok google how long does coronavirus survive on bread

Wonder if I'm prison gay

love em too
those guys have to change their mean acts, not denying that

tell me what boy you have a crush on rn?

>there's the new season fully now on torrents and stuf
that's great, didn't know that
>and i watched a lot of xavier dolan's kinos so i was kinda into him at some point like 10 years ago
That's cool, just what is the link with brooklyn 99? i don't get it, am i dumb?

Dad's root beer is yummy

what do you mean exactly?
coronavirus consumes the whole bread in 10 minutes



The idea of "changing one's self" implies that one denies their past self, and that they dislike their current self. I do not deny my past or my present, I will continue to exist as myself, and no one else.

by new season you mean the 8th?

Why is that?

>coronavirus consumes the whole bread in 10 minutes

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