cunny edish

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Clearly not a cunny

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could anyone other than clogwog make a thread
just fucking once, please

bit of a shame I'll never fuck a british slag was a bit of a goal of mine
ah well say la vee

can't imagine being in a serious relationship with a gal that wasn't down with anal
not that into it but almost all women have done it with 1 or more partners before so if you don't also lay claim to their bum you'll always be a simp in their minds

I mean imagine being the guy who is trying to romance her and seriously date her and dealing with her emotional shit and you've never banged her up the bum yet she's given it up several times to one night stands she met in the club

Immeasurably grim

clogwog the brown nonce, at it again.

King of the material realm
Pulling up on 12+12+12
I can see myself, I see my reflection
Put you underwater, you see your reflection
Send him to the kingdom in the sky, make him live there
See you in a crystal, time I am in here
Soft hair, I've been using hair conditioner
Only fresh air like an air conditioner
Everything is warm when you live in a freezer
Visions at dawn turn you to a believer

ok mate. all the best yeah

didn't he have some anti-dole spiel once

Kim Jong Un is reportedly at least brain dead, possibly dead, and his sister is poised to be the first female leader of North Korea.

anyone ever do a screaming poo

wish I had a huge cock to punish women with

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howd that happen

Kim Jong-Un's death illustrates the toll chronic obesity has taken on North Korea



he watched too much anime

sucking a golf ball


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at least they're not misogynists

just tie them up and beat them

>war with Korea
>war with Iran
>oil crisis
>Kim possibly dead
>Corona virus
>economic collapse

Mental. Absolutely mental.

interested to see how the dominos delivery guy handles a delivery
paki pizza places don't give a fuck, but chains are all corporate like and take regs more seriously

I was ONE simple fucking question

And I can't just get a simple YES or NO answer

I asked very nicely

Should I get a film camera


I'm done asking nicely and now ik fucking demanding

Andwer my FUCKING question

drank bleach after showing symptoms of corona

name on 190

>first female leader of North Korea


Why can't blacks understand social distancing?

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had a post but forgot it


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new fetish : wanking to videos of women having sex which they tried, but failed, to have removed from the internet

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i dont know dude.

we didn't start the fire

this is a remix of a david peel song

normal people are able to form close, intimate, interpersonal relationships where a girl feels comfortable and trusting enough around them to be completely vulnerable, naked, and exposed with them

I have not experienced that therefore I am not normal

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only having two beers

nonce shows up in a nonce thread, very fitting

yeah kind of like how in prison youre supposed to punch the biggest black guy you can find to set the standard. when you get a gf youre supposed to fuck her in the ass on the first date


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kim jung un death is on TMZ now so its definitely true