Mfw we will literally have a female communist dictator

>mfw we will literally have a female communist dictator
This literally sounds like an anime thing

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not sounds like, it looks like

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I'm applying for NK citizenship.

>This literally sounds like an anime thing
Back to R*ddit with you, your epic cartoons have nothing to do with communism or dictators

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>Back to R*ddit with you, your epic cartoons have nothing to do with communism or dictators

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Orwell was wrong all along, it's not big brother we should fear,

She’s cute

I doubt the North Koreans would accept a WOMAN leader

>North korea is more progressive than the U.S


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Based. All weebs should hang.

So how brutal is she?

You all blue eyed dumb white europeans know nothing
If ever Kim Jong Un pass away, the most reasonable next leader of North Korea is Kim Pyung Il.
There's literally no chance of that girl being leader of DPRK
Screencap this

she is the head of the discipline commitee, I am not even memeing

The last free country on earth.

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Kim Jong-Un declared her his successor.

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As long as it is Juche it doesn't really matter.

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We had a communist female dictator once.
She ruined the country and then we deposed her.

t. cattle

Go back to FIESP

And how many people are gonna respect that and not actually turn her into a puppet figure?

I thought Kim Jong Un is still alive?

It would really suck if he died, I feel like he just got here, was just about to make friends with South Korea, etc. I am NEVER EVER a conspiracy guy but did he get poison?

I want to have sex with her

If I remember right she was the one that orchestrated the assassination of Kim Jong-un's uncle


Her bro is very chubby but she looks very thin. Did he take her food?

And once again the glorious nation of DPRK demonstrates how backwards Western countries are. Why preach about gender equality if you can't even practice it? May our new Supreme Leader be revered and known through the heavens.

She's ugly.

About an ago it started being reported that he died during a botched heart surgery, we'll only know when it gets more coverage over the next few hours/days. If it's true it wouldn't shock me if one of those "surgeons" did it on purpose.

she loves kpop

she's cute, i'd really like her to destroy my testicles with an ICBM

What if we go to war with North Korea, and they capture me and present me as a pet to Kim's sister? ;_;

So did they have child?

Daily reminder that a good socialist is a dead socialist.

>kyaaa! i'm late for the public executions of dissents desu~!

This exists

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I hope not. I hope this is just another bad rumor I think there was another bad rumor too about him dying. North Korea is so closed off and private that rumors fly pretty hard

i really hope she overcompensates for being a woman and massacres thousands of people in order to cling to power, and i hope she supercharges to DPRK's nuclear program and BTFOs trump

They have battle-waifus in North Korea?

Fucking insects

t. evangelical cattle

That's what I like about NK
They have badass women who won't hesitate to kill m*n, the subhuman gender


How do I court her?

NK is too patriarchal to have a female leader, they may erupt in civil war over this.

By dying at the hands of honorary North Korean Womvn

Se eu te pego meia noite no centro de São Paulo eu te faço morder o meio-fio e implorar pela sua vida, escória vermelha.

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Patriarchal is just a buzzword to demerit meritocracy

The Supreme Leader isn't a dictator.
Stop this stupid Yas Forums-tier meme

imagine North Fucking Korea get a female leader before the USA

The supreme leader is a puppet figure. Kim Jong-Un was a puppet too

I'm ashamed of my countrymen on the internet

>t. rich elite kid with big mansion and maids


What do a fucking burger knows about North Korea?

What a simp

hello 911, yes I wish to report a based case

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>getting into fights with punks in the streets
crippling low IQ

who's the real leader then, illuminatis?

Kill yourself, red scum.

>who's the real leader then, illuminatis?

we're all, don't worry

>>t. rich elite kid with big mansion and maids
But these people are the socialists here.
Shut the fuck up, Texas. You are dumb.

The Party, of course

He's meals on wheels atm not dead

calm down simpjeet, no one is going to post bobs here.

>But these people are the socialists here.
God, bolsotards are really stupid