Why is Portugal so short

why is Portugal so short

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6'1" reporting in

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Why are southrons manlets.

Grow up, Portugal.

I'm 184 here and I don't feel tall.

In 10 years will be different when the old generation starts dying

Most young people in Portugal are emigrating.


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174 here

Feelsbad but I have bigger problems


How long before some assblasted finn comes talking about muh 182cm?



Why does the PLC have no data?

>No data for the Dinaric Alps
This map was made by the perfidious Dutch

Came here to post this

Tfw 180 cm.....
Who /manlet/ here?
>but but you're tall
Maybe in your shithole, but here in Sweden everything below 181 is manlettier

I'm 166cm midget manlet ;(

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From which part of finland?

>no data

Old people and less population. I'm sure most portu zoomers are like the rest of Europe

Bigger than you I don't doubt it

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carbon copy of me.

188 turk here
oh my map needs revamping

was going to post this. they fear the Herzegovinan bvll

I'm pretty sure that emigration from Portugal stopped during the last years

ugh...i just want a dutch BVLL to breed my boipussy and fertilize my eggs...

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>tfw 182cm god emperor of manlets

Why are Norway and Iceland so short on this map?

I don't believe height data cause all of them tell something different. 174 seems about right here though

So I'll be the average manlet if I go live in Germany with 183cm of height?

Genes. If you look at Spain people from the South are also shorter, but in graphs they look taller because of north spaniards

the Emperor was actualy a manlet

lmao imagine being a sub 180 manlet

be quiet munki and stop spouting nonsense like an american

They were historically the poorest of the nordics

Are you cute?

imagine being 173cm in 1.81 average country hahahah

>want to move to germanic Europe so I can get a hot Amazon gf who will spoon me
Get out of my way lanklet freaks

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why the butthurt?