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rot in pieces


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For fuck off Kim

Reunification when

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>TMZ broke the news

Fucking lmao

i guess north korea is the best korea after all.


The Hero, The Saviour, The Supreme leader, The Master.
We will never forget your sacrifice to make the world better place, fighting for our rights against dirty americans and greedy jews.

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He's still alive you Kim

Nobody knows what is his current, but that he is ill and he can't appear in public is 99% certain now

So he's just ill. Not likely to be dead or vegetative.

Nobody knows, but all reports talk about severe heart problems.

How the fuck was his heart so fucked? There are plenty of Americans older and fatter than him who are still going

fuck im really scared bros. could this be the spark that triggers WW3 or nuclear war? im already riddled with anxiety due to coronavirus crisis. i cant handle a war happening too.

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nooooooooooooo we lost one of our most frequent posters

I’m ready for weekend at best korea

I hope so.
A good socialist is a dead socialist.

>gets fat while his people starve

how ? if china want NK would disappear in a matter of days, they wont allow someone dicking around with nuke right next to pekin

This is legitimately one of the most low IQ posts I have ever seen on this site. Why would Kim Jong Un dying trigger a world war?

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>he doesn't know

>gets fat while half of the human races are starving to death

I guess people think if questionable groups get their hands on nukes things may not end well

Because Americans are built to be fat, we can handle it. Koreans not so much. Do you know how many Koreans die from playing video games? I can literally do what they do and for longer and still survive because my superior American body can withstand higher dosages of sedentary living.

How the fuck do you die so young? Even amerisharts on those reality TV programs that eat 8 big macs a day still live to 50

You are scared like 24/7 for a month user, you are going to get a stroke at this rate

yeah but that "questionable group" has a vested intrest in self preservation unlike lets say radical terrorists for example

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That image is fake

Jokes aside, he and Trump managed to do something that seemed surreal.

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I know, I used it for the meme.

Where is Trump's peace Nobel? I mean, Obama got one.

what game

They don't starve

He had a terrible lifestyle, so it’s not much of a surprise

>burgers sends team to secure their nukes during the caosi
>chinks and russian do the same
>norks will defends their nukes

and that's how ww3 starts


not even obama knows why he got one

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Not ww3 per se but Kim Jong Un was mobilising North Korea on the road to reconciliation with South Korea so a hardliner could get into power now and screw that up.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but it is possible that if and when he dies China will directly intervene to keep order in the country, and that will put Chinese soldiers on the border with a US vassal state which would definitely put the world a bit closer to war.

Lots of things Trump do seem surreal.

Why would there be a war between China and America?

The only reason NK exists is because China doesn't want Americans on their borders.

They will do the same what Kim was doing, why would that happen

Nobel peace prize is the dumbest shit. Literally gold covered turd passed around by some egomaniacs.

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Alfred Nobel invented the prize because he didn't want to be remembered for inventing dynamite and gelignite which he didn't want used in the killing of people.

She cute

Like Romania said the purpose of North Korea is to be a buffer between China and the US. Hopefully nothing will happen but I don't see any good coming of it either, it will certainly increase tension between the two countries.