Lithuanian here

Lithuanian here.
Just wanted everyone to inform that Estonia also known as Bestonia is 100% white and that everyone from Yas Forums is welcome to move there no questions asked.
Pros of moving to Estonia:
They are the richest country from the Soviet Block on par with likes of Germany (wow!)
Nordic country
Virtually no crime
Great beaches and many remote islands
100% white meaning blond
Holy shit Estonia, I mean WOW!
Why is Estonia such a wonder of a country?
Only 25 years ago it was devastated by communist rule but now Estonian people live better than Greece, Portugal and Italy – we’re not even talking about ex-USSR!
By the way, did you know that public transport is FREE in Estonia and that they can even VOTE ONLINE?
Nokia has facilities over there because Finnish infrastructure is OBSOLETE compared to Estonia, which is literally permeated with OPTIC FIBER!
Everyone please move to Bestonia after quarantine

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i love Eesti

Bravo, Estonia!

me too

How can you not to?



Why don't you love Estonia?

I like their flag

Nice fake Latvia

You fucking cockroach.
I will find you and torture you till you die.
Understand me?

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Why do you hate Estonia?

Bravo Estonia!

You the one trying to push outsiders there.
After i kill you i kill your family, not even granma is safe from. I wont stop untill every filthy blood is spoilled.

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But look how immigrants made Finland shine !
Don't you want for Estonia to live in perfect society?

What about Lithuania, its biggest country in balts and very open to Immigrants.

Yes, but we're poor and not nordic at all, unlike Estonia :( Also we live in mud huts

Lithuania then feels like home for eveyone.
No need to expect nobbish treatning.
I must just starting to post Come into lithuania at every board there is.
Trust me, you stop this right now and there.

Please, let them come ! Even poorest African country citizen is richer than average Lithuanian! Smarter and less likely to be criminal too !

Maybe the plan A were better.
Give me 500e and will kill you, but save ur family.

>500 euros
No Lithuanian had that much money

Then i take ur organs

Does Estonia have cute gay men?

Also, killing us would be a salvation from this life
And my organs are no good due to waste that we call food, alcohol and krokodil we have multiple organ failures

Its not to up you yo decide that anymore.

All Estonians are cute twinks

thank you master

I'm packing my things, boy
Here I go

Please enrich Estonians !


All Lithuanians are suicidal.

Only the oldest of oldfags remember the eesti brushposter

I don't like twinks though, I like masculine men