What language you should know as your native language to learn English hands down?

That's not fair.
That's not fair.

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it's trying to communicate


This post fucks my brain so hard

yes I'm doing my best!!
yes for what?
thank you

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For starters, a language that doesn't use moon runes as a writing system

Any Indo-european language would make it easier for someone to learn the language. Plus points if the language in question is a germanic one or if you speak a romance language( many english words are originally latin so learning the vocab is not that complicated)

But Russians and Chinese speak English very frequently.
That's not fair.

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I mean "fluently"
>need to be Roman descendant
that's not fair

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>What language you should know as your native language to learn English hands down?

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I've never seen a chinese person who's fluent in english.

sure about that pekka?

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Whatever language is closest to English
So Dutch, then German, then Romance languages.

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Cyrillic alphabet is still an alphabet
Granted you got kana but you use a shit ton of kanji as well
Still, Russians aren't exactly the best at english.
No idea about China, if I had to guess I'd say their English isn't very good but I don't know.

I'm Chinese and am fluent in English... English is super easy...

And this moon rune guy is better than me
Like wtf

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>mocking me
I'm doing my best and other Easter Asians are still making fun of me.. that's not fair desu..

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>these replies
glad to know that i am not the only one

well to be fair I grew up in the states so... I am fluent in chinese though unlike a lot of western born asians

learning japanese as an romance speaker is much harder than learning english as a japanese.

fuck yo.

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>What language you should know as your native language to learn English hands down?
by the way what is wrong in this sentence could anybody kindly point out my mistakes please?

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doesn't make sense to ask what language you should know in your native language to learn english.

because why the fuck are u trying to learn your native language to learn english.

If you're asking what languages would help with learning english as a native japanese speaker, would make more sense.

I wanted to ask in what countries, instead of Japan, I should have been born to learn English more easily desu. Thanks anyways.

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Give me Japanese gf or more smug anime girls and I'll tutor you in English.
>Which languages' native speakers have the easiest time learning English?

well, obviously an anglo country, but pretty much any european romance language would make english easy as fuck, since their culture (as family language) is very similar to english.

As for closest non english languages, dutch and german are the same germanic family of languages.

It's very similar to how koreans only need a couple months while I'm struggling with just basic japanese second memrise level.

Asian and european languages are radically oposite sides of language families.

umm I couldn't understand it at first, but I did eventually.
Having a Germanic language as your native language is definitely a help, but what is more important to learn it is early education and having TV, games or books in English available since young age

It's so easy desu yo!
thanks desu
>how koreans only need a couple months
they're good at English as well. That's not fair.

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>Which language you should know as your native language in order to learn English hands down?
Does it still sound weird?
Thanks anyways guys.

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>What language should you know, as your native language, to learn English hands down?
basically inversion and punctuation... also using "hands down" here sounds odd, but I guess it's not incorrect.

How I would ask this question is
>What should your native language be, in order to get good at English effortlessly?

>Which language should you know as your native language in order to learn English hands down?
This would be an improvement but it still sounds awkward and weird. Most people would understand (unless they were retarded) but it just sounds unnaturally

oh thanks

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thanks again

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Now it's your turn to help me
How do I get a cute Japanese gf who is into anime if I only speak English and Chinese? Do Chinaboo Japanese girls exist?

does って work like が?

ganbate kudasai, little orange crying thing

dunno lol.

I remember って is used to join verbs with subordinate classes.

Frisian is the closest language to English I think, then there's dutch and other germanic languages closely behind. Also French cause much of English vocabulary is French

rangeban japs, its either gibberish or american proxies