night "activities" call ediedities

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Its a nonfiction about how humanity is attached to this commodity, like how precious it is, how civil war are fought because of salt factory, ancient civilization and such.
Really fun read

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is ok singabro
what's your main board?

Reminder to eat healthy in these difficult times

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Which dictionary would you recommend for Japs though? Currently I'm using Takoboto dict.


The many kinds of dictionary are available on yomichan site.
Download then import it.
Now when you don't know what kanji it is just hold middle click on it and it's meaning will come out.
xtra fast learning point when you integrate it with anki for repetitive memorization

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RIP Kim Jong Un

>did he eat his own cum?
I didn't.
Does that mean I still have the ramadhan spirit?

Malam malam laper gais. Tapi cuma punya indomie. What do?

I wonder if he's actually died of illness or "illness"

jump from bridge

pengen gan

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Can any flipbros recommend a good news source for happenings about flipland like how epoch times is with china. Rappler or inquirer comes to mind.

>like how epoch times is with china
half their shit is made up and I'm not even a chinabot

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can't believe that the knight has such big tiddies

Yes mah brah. totally not gay.
China sent in a crack team to "cure" him so... lol.
Brest reduction surgery exists.

Soya sauce was created because of expense salt prices. Therefor soya is superior poorfags.

Literally the first news org or the only one to drop a docu on wuhan lab origin of corona. I think they are totally reliable.

...because the theory was already floating around and they needed to be early with pumping out something on it to get those sweet clicks
they live on anything that the spin doctors put out questioning china unlike actual news agencies that react, to leaders floating the theory publicly
the lab theory is still a theory anyway
while epoch times does do what passes as investigative journalism these days they are sometimes deliberately finding dirt where there is none

Yes, i trust the falun gong meme.

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Dut trolls seems to be the news source for this china virus infectes country
In its 2020 World Press Freedom Index, the Paris-based press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders cited cyber-troll armies linked to Duterte as among the 20 "Worst Digital Predators of Press Freedom”.

These trolls that work in "call center hubs" disseminate fake or maliciously edited content and conduct targeted harassment campaigns, including media outlets like ABS-CBN. They also support and amplify the messages of members of the Duterte administration with the aim of smearing the media and manipulating public opinion.

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my father called me a malay boy like that's suppose to offend me. seriously , should i report him to Internal Security like it's 1984? Serious question. He's driving me insane.

tell him malay genes are only passed down from the paternal line

kek. he is very brown.... i'm white though.

for all you intflips
why is duterte such a retard especially when he's on tv

sahur apa gan?

not a flip but he is a well known retard.

He's a misunderstood genius.