>813 today
> yesterday
>day before 768
>day before 638
>day before 763
>day before 828

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not even 200 deaths here desu

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who here comfy down curve?

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I honestly dont trust the reporting of deaths in 2nd and 3rd world countries

you are just jealous of our superior genes whytboi

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Because your retarded country counts even people dying from heart failure as covid

Maybe this is why?

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What are you? black?

Gott strafe England

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You keep going up and up and up til it burns through all the nursing homes. Then you can go down. Probably go down even more when you get to herd immunity which I think is slowly happening in NYC

Lockdown = memedown, I've seen no proof it actually works to stop deaths, I compared all kinds of states with fast lockdowns, slow lockdowns, and no lockdowns...doesnt look like it does anything at all

Most of them are younger and have BCG vaccines which help them a lot. UK did BCG vaccines but only when you are a teenager and not at birth so I heard thats why it doesnt work for UK. But works really good for 3rd worlders especially in India, Africa etc.

that's why I don't trust your numbers


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Financial Times estimates it's actually about double

>Lockdown = memedown, I've seen no proof it actually works to stop deaths, I compared all kinds of states with fast lockdowns, slow lockdowns, and no lockdowns...doesnt look like it does anything at all
Imagine being this retarded

Er strafe es

>til it burns through all the nursing homes
what if i told you most of those deaths are not even counted. the UK death toll only includes the deaths at the hospital so the actual number might be much higher

Herd immunity

It takes a long time after enactment of quarantine measures this stuff kicks in.

Yeah, the 20k+ death toll in France includes (part of) nursing home deaths, where they usually don't try to send people to the hospital if infected because they may not survive the treatment. UK would probably have more than 30k death if they were counting nursing homes.

>Imagine being this retarded
Feel free to show any proof buddy. I've done all kinds of comparisons and no proof it works anywhere. Lets look at just the states that hit 100 cases on March 19-20 and how long it took them to issue a lockdown/memedown:

Oregon issued lockdown 3 days later...21 death/million
Ohio issued lockdown 4 days later...61 death/million
Connecticut issued lockdown 4 days later...493 death/million
Minnesota issued lockdown 7 days later...44 death/million
North Carolina issued lockdown 11 days later...30 death/million
Maryland issued lockdown 11 days later...146 death/million
Nevada issued lockdown 12 days later...70 death/million
Tennessee issued lockdown 14 days later...25 death/million
Alabama issued lockdown 15 days later...44 death/million
South Carolina issued lockdown 18 days later...32 death/million
Virginia issued lockdown 21 days later...52 death/million
Utah NEVER issued a lockdown to this day (well over a month later)...13 death/million

Notice a pattern??? There isn't one!
Lockdown = Memedown = COPE down!
"Phew we still can go grocery shopping, go to the liquor store, go to the weed dispensary, ride the subway, and do "mental health walks" but we can't go to the furniture store or the shoe store, this will surely stop the virus!"--you
Noooope sorry its all just a big fat cope how do you feel now? NYC is fucked, lockdown didnt save them and it sure as shit wont save you!

Then it will go up til it burns through all the most vulnerable, then it can go down.

No countries correctly keep track of their death numbers.
Only way to know is looking at all excess deaths compared to the last few years.

>Feel free to show any proof buddy

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oh wait your reply wasnt directed to me

UK has a memedown/copedown as well.
Japan doesn't have a lockdown.
South Korea doesn't have a lockdown.
China only used lockdown in Hubei and then it was a super powerful LOCKdown and not a memedown where you can go take a "mental health walk" to the weed dispensary and stop by liquor store on the way home. They used this super powerful LOCKdown because Hubei had bad air pollution. Everywhere else...no lockdown.

Real cure is BCG, young age, no fatasses, plenty of Vitamin D, aka good immune systems! This is the only thing that will save you from Corona! NOT a lockdown aka a memedown!

not sure how accurate that would be given that most of those countries are in lockdown which might significantly decrease deaths from traffic accidents and other infections deceases.
this decease might be filled with new corona related deaths

Pretend I posted this smug soyface with my post, this is how I feel whenever I tear into a memedown/COPEdown defender.
The same people defending memedowns in late April are the ones who were telling me in late February that Corona was "no big deal".

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That's true though I can guarantee you it's more accurate than relying on testing of dead bodies.
Our excess death is constantly double the amount of corona deaths.

not sure about South Korea but japan might be soon a new epicenter with rapidly increasing cases and >trusting china.

lockdown might not be the best thing but its the only thing that can be done at this point.

>rapidly increasing cases
you mean with increased testing, which a lot of countries aren't doing (just like japan didn't before they delayed the olympics and even now they barely test anyone)

so? that doesnt disproof my point.

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didn't say you are wrong, just that a lot of countries with supposedly few cases just don't test

>South Korea doesn't have a lockdown.
That's because they HAD one you retard

No they didn't. They had some very temporary restrictions on Daegu (like closing restaurants iirc?) but no lockdowns

Didn't have one, lockdown is a memedown. Want to address ?

Japan is doing very very well, better than most nations with a memedown. They also care for mid patients in order to minimize the spread, unlike almost every Western nation I know of which tells mild cases to deteriorate at home and cough all over their family members.

>lockdown might not be the best thing but its the only thing that can be done at this point.
Aaaand this is why memedown is done. There is nothing that can be done about Corona period, at least in the USA/EU. Quarantine (not lockdown) would be nice to have, but theres apparently zero will for it. Maybe masks also do something, time will tell.

Memedown is just one big nothing. A cope that makes anxious hearts feel better, we are "doing something", even if that "something" is a nothing, it certainly FEELS like a something so that means it must be working, right?

Sweden muslim master rice!

Need more blood for blood god.

Hooooly shit you're not a troll. You are genuinely retarded.
Do you even know why lockdowns are being put in place? Probably not because you're obviously mentally challenged.
Lockdowns are put in place to halt new infections. Covid spreads like wildfire. This isn't up for debate. The point of lockdowns is to reduce infections. If lockdowns weren't enforced, more people would get sick.
I'll make it more easier to understand
no lockdown = more cough cough people