Anons with an “useless degree”

Anyone applied to this? I’m one of them. I’m studying classical languages( Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Chinese) and thinking killing myself sometimes projecting my grim future in this technology-crazed world.

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cant you be a translator if you learn languages?

I'm not.
But I do love classics.

not ancient languages

Here in Italy you can easily become a teacher in Latin/Greek in High School. Can't you just become a teacher in Kanbun?

He could work as a historian.

Pay is not good and most of the students aren’t motivated to learn it. I’m thinking going to Italy or Germany to study Archeology of the Greco-Roman world or learn Sanskrit and become a monk. I’m fucked.

My first degree was a gas-electric welding but due to some minor health problems i couldn't apply to work in factory.
My second degree is bachelor's in Foreign Languages... which is basically a school teacher. But hey, we have a large shortage of English teachers and i will be forced to work for 3 years in a school assigned by Uni, so i'm not worried about it being useless.

why do you do it? you just have a passion for it orrrr?

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why would you study that m8

Dunno m8, the Chinese academic world is booming, I think you're too pessimistic, you may find something there.

The prospects here in Europe are worse IMO.

I have a highschool diploma specialized in the making of leather shoes.

I dont have a degree

If you like them then I dont see why not study them?
Mathematics reasoning and modern philosophy all have their root in these 3 ancient language.
Im thinking how cool is that I can read books written by Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Euclid, Marcus Aurelius, Confucius, Liu An, etc etc

You learn what you love as you like, when you burned out and bored, you can always switch, it is never to late to learn new things.

do you make leather shoes

>Im thinking how cool is that I can read books written by Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Euclid, Marcus Aurelius, Confucius, Liu An, etc etc
If only I can

if only I could**

why not learn how to program theres no way its harder than learning ancient greek and ancient chinese

Do what you love doing. Also learning a language is not a useless skill. Even if it's a dead language.

I took a class learning C language but I barely passed due to the lack of interest. An Asian man who can’t give a shit about programming. A bit rare, isn’t it?

programming languages were invented by autists for computers. They are completely different to human language and have none of the beauty that comes with human languages.

I just searched the graduate program of Wien University a few days ago. How is the university like?

I don't know I'm from Graz but the Vienna main university's campus is pretty modern I think

Sometimes it is not your fault at all bro, be optimistic.
Might be the established teaching system is not suites for you, the language you are using and how you approach the subject.

My language skill is shit but I love English and i learn to program (in python and matlab) all by reading English texts so I never feels sleepy or bored.

tfw majoring english

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Yeah I’m pretty good at human languages, but devastatingly bad at programming languages. It’s like my mind freezes when I see the images of unintelligible codes.

Fac quod facere ames, nec quod pecuniam producat. Linguae classicae portae sunt ad sapientiam antiquorum, et nihil pulchrius quam sapientia.
Linguas sciens potes magister fieri. Fortasse non pecuniosus, sed, si linguas vere amas, beatus eris docendo.

you deserve anything bad that happens in your life

Based. You are also majoring in classical languages?

Thanks bro
Its impossible to force a fish to climbing tree as well as a monkey. So true, so true haha

That is not useless

i have a pretty lucrative degree but my degree is useless since i don't use it

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No, sadly that degree doesn't exist in my country.

Btw I've never met a Japanese interested in western classical languages. How many people are in your courses?

Five people. More people are majoring in Classical Chinese, but you can select any languages as long as the schedule is ok. I am also considering learning Sanskrit.

>Latin, Ancient Greek, Ancient Chinese
It's like you hate having a job

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I have a useless degree in Electrical Engineering because I spent all of my summer/winters in Japan vacationing instead of getting internships and now I am too scared to apply for jobs out of fear of rejection

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Yeah the problem here is not the degree

Classics is based, Idk about Classical languages but where I am from Classics students are some of the most successful law students (large brain). Classical languages cannot be far off. Keep plugging along Japan fren.