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ay nayyy

hope it hurt

fuck off

It's obvious that none of you have ever read Suckondeez.

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very shady indeed...

can only hope this conspiracy mong is another 190 LARP. refuse to believe anyone on /brit/ is that dense.

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love how you can see the panic after he falls haha

what's Suckondeez

Corrrr'ing at my kill:death ratio

Retro gimmick
Here's a .webm

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He's a "human rights lawyer" which translates to he tries to reduce three sentences of scum

no one in the west has any reason to feel animosity towards kim jong un

how did Socrates get that upper pec definition?


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god i wish i could just hug that little creature and feed it elephant milk ice cream

Lads, very important post you might have missed

good lad

thinking of entering uni for the first time at 23

Alexa, what is the definition of Animosity
Alexa, should I have animosity towards Kim Jung un?

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Ad up top of the page is telling me Shatner died.

about to qualify for europe in fm playing as bath city de lads

I personally am of the view that Somalians are philoprogenitive.

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went to the gym like everyday

100k till 99 mining lads

depends what you want to learn and for what job

I did that
it was fine, but I was with other mature students

ive touched an elephant before and it felt like a cactus. my stubble aint got shit on those lads

what are elephants made of

If are playing any version post 2010 you are a mug

>Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB PC QC (born 2 September 1962) is a British politician serving as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition since 2020. He has been Member of Parliament for Holborn and St Pancras since 2015. Ideologically, he identifies as a socialist
Wtf I thought he was meant to be the common sense candidate?

Suckondeez NUTS!!

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love and happiness

mad how you can put a bit of olive oil and some italian cheese on some pasta and it tastes nice

23 isn't that old, some are in their 30s and just starting uni

so much pre-digital era hand-drawn SOUL in each individual scribble

it was going digital and the use of irresistible copy-pasting of graphics and character models that led to the unfortunate s-word situation we now find ourselves in

[reposting cause its legit important]

Qatar be kiddin me

Covidism is an attack on the middle class, small business, and civil liberties. Covidists work for monopoly billionaires that seek to destroy us. Supporting freedom stops covidism.

the covidists know there is no pandemic, thats why they still allow illegal immigration, the lockdown is an attack on the middle class, thats HOW COVIDISM WORKS

if there was a pandemic why the need to censor skepticism, truth fears no exposure
Youtube CEO censors anything against the WHO including empty hospital videos

compendium of youtube doctor videos exposing the fake covid pandemic that were censored

meanwhile bored covid19 nurses hump medical dummys on tiktok

World Hoax Organization

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Mental that Britain hasn't had a socialist government since 1979

whats wrong with that? everyone deserves a fair trial

looking forward to the videos of north koreans crying hysterically in the next few weeks

Based schizo poster

this is how you spot a brainlet zoomer who can't express himself in any form but meaningless meme buzzwords.

Pepperoni pizza and hot chicken wings for tea.
Washed down with a couple of beers.

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playing 18

how can you be a cool wine uncle if you’re not cool

and i'd have gotten away with it too if it weren't for these meddlesome farts

are they actually apex predators . thought they were vegey



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doin a read

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>an operation to insert a stent went wrong because the surgeon’s hands were shaking so badly.

wew imagine being this dude right now

its obvious that none of you read Balzac

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>for tea
>washed down with beer

Same here mate, but I failed the first time after nearly passing everything

netherlands be kidding me!


Tea is the evening meal in the north

I see the calories, now where are the nutrients?

rip the poor surgeon who couldn't save kim's life

how should I approach Balzac?

tea as in dinner


pretty sure that would exacerbate population growth

oh ok thanks

>neighbours still shouting in garden and I've yet to clean up the tools
>1 and a half hours left till sunset
Still bricking it, how do neurotypicals manage...

honour the ballsack

imagine getting a heart surgery in north korea when you can get one safely done in any non shit tier country

you can read my ballsack bitch

They use our shit for biomass fuel instead these days

Suck my plums, clogwog.

debating spending 30 quid on 12 beers
not a sensible use of money but got the quench for some hipster stuff

bootlicker lmao

they're going to rust

they used human shit as fertiliser in the french penal system. caused dysentery. the french are filthy beats deserving of scorn.

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Just buy 12 beers for £10 mate

just voted for labour lads

its called nightsoil

Paki apologist

did this recently and kind of regret it

Should I buy a film camera laddos

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I cannot remember asking, can anyone esle

for me it was always being the physical embodiment of apu apustaja from birth

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why are muslims so fucking whiny?

>the french are filthy beats
hm tss hm tss hm tss

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good god above..............

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they use our poo for diving in

can get 20 for £26

these aren't reputable sources you absolute virgins
Besides I think I recall Kim going missing for like 3 months in 2019 and he just showed up and was completely fine.

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what you gonna take pictures of lad

Know this feel but it happened after I lost my confidence when I moved schools

mimicking the white liberals who defend them

I don't understand

qatar's flag looks like a chocolate bar being unwrapped

yanks may be bloodthirsty warmongers but the f22 really is the pengest machine ever created

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I want to huff Emma Watson’s stinky farts.

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im not apologising for anyone lad, just trying to remind you of the basic civil liberties we enjoy :)

you qatar be kidding me
(other lad fucked it up so I thought I'd say it properly this time haha)


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thinly veiled mutts law

>tv show
>character is an outsider to the culture/society of the rest of the cast, and there are many jokes and gags about this
my favourite trope

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but let's not forget it's been confirmed he had surgery and therefore probably had malnourished and resentful commie chink doctors working on him

It is the summer of 2021 and you're in a festival field when Timmy approaches with a tempting query 'I'm selling' he says.

What do you buy from him?

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i genuinely believe the government is benevolently looking out for me

I'll def do it before sunset but man I haven't felt this anxious in year's, latent spac in me on freak

tonight's order lads x

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the only one implying that is you
take a good long think over what your life has become

for me, it's the humble digger, the most versatile and game-changing piece of construction machinery

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netto and a can of rio

Love Tealc so much
Bit like Data and Worf smashed into one imho

jesus christ what

>i genuinely believe the government is benevolently looking out for me

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holy corr

qatars flag looks like an enormous black cock with a condom covering it that barely fits it

cement mix

getting on the beers to balance out the sniff lads
reckon i'll be nice and pissed when the food gets here

for me it's Farscape

souf prices

thought that was suspiciously cheap but then i remembered it was in actual money and not eucalyptus leaves

poo covered hands typed this out

got called "frigid" when i was 11, by a 10 year old, because i hadn't kissed anyone. sent me down a self-conscious spiral that resulted in me never kissing anyone for fear of being called "frigid" again due to showing a lack of experience during the kiss. 16 years later and here we are. still kissless.

nearly got into a fight in lidl yday cause some nordie gimp decided after putting up all his items on the belt that he'd forgot half of his item list and went to gather them up while assuming he could just come back and still have his place in the safe-distanced queue

I only even had a few items myself so jumped ahead while he was off getting his 11-for-the-price-of-10 dildos or whatever then got pissy when he returned and just told him he's not entitled to hold everyone up while he just muttered something literally traveller-tier incomprehensible to himself while making 'meet me outside' body language motions

I'd get a khmer naan and a chickpea dish too

Just want to say I found this post along with the attached image very funny

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I'll add one lass just started massaging my shoulders randomly for 20 secs while laughing. People all around were giving WTF looks

anyone got some deano-core tunes worth posting?

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Reuters: Kim Jong Un reportedly in the Shadow Realm, unable to escape.

it really doesnt

how old were you

the yank has one

does deano like massive attack? was listening to mezzanine


>It's leftypol wanting the government to solve all their problems episode
change the channel marge!

belfast actually

thats more like it

qeq this is me

CNN: Kim Jong Un last spotted progressing down Snake Way to train with King Kai.

huge news really, not confirmed though

hes misbehaving, those birds are doing nothing

extremely good post

i am now thinking about the person who made this post

Expensive chicken kievs


the classic

>overdid the beef

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damage is already done lad haha. in that sort of "cant kill that which has no life" stage of sexuality at this point.

how would you solve the problem?

nowt wrong with recognising that qatars flag looks like a big black cock that tore a condom

is the new iPhone SE a good phone?

might buy it

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gay poo bum egg

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2020 already took kobe now it tryna take kim jong un, too. i hate this shit.

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For me, an oligarchy is preferable to government

should have knocked him out
violence is the answer
people don't learn otherwise


not sure really
this is a deano-core tune

south belfast i bet.

reports of kim jong un's final words cryptically referencing Cheadle

have the old SE
it's ok
much better size than normal iPhones for one

stephen fry is a pretty shit comedian

sending this post to you parents

first kiss at 20 me, it was meaningful and I enjoyed it very much
good things come to those who wait lad

you overdid the beef alright now you're gonna get the smoke

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Bow down to the Iron Queen

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Post black british girls

own initiative

Nice toes

we've got the same phone
mad that

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Associated Press: China has recalled North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, to his pokeball after an intense battle. He is recovering in the pokecenter and is said to be in critical condition.

i had my chance at age 24 to kiss a girl i'd had feelings for for like 6 years and couldn't do it. good things don't come to those who wait. good things come to those who act.

what the fuck LMAO
started dying when he starts singing what the fuck is with his voice
he sounds like he's trying to do a caribbean accent after inhaling helium

I also have the original SE. Would be quite happy to continue using it but I understand it will eventually stop getting updates.

Seems like the new SE is the best option because I also hate notches.

don't get the hype honestly, just sounds disjointed

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listening to a JRPG OST

does the UK produce any cars that isnt muh jaguar?

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how can you overcook beef?
it takes a fucking year to cook as it is.

not much point in the bottom 80% of men having sexuality since they won't really be able to put it to use lol

>Speaking to Reuters yesterday, a South Korean government source reiterated that their intelligence was that Kim was still alive and should be making an appearance soon.
>An official familiar with U.S. intelligence said that Kim was known to have health problems but they had no reason to conclude he was seriously ill or unable eventually to reappear in public.
A burger, the contents of which: nothing.

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excuse me mate do you have any flour in? do you have any flour out the back? do you know when you'll be getting any flour in? yesterday the person said you were getting some today. can you hold some flour back for me?

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you guys ever see a building in an anime that you've done drugs and gotten a handjob in irl?

so you're gonna sort this rona thing out?


put it in the oven at 130 thinking it would take ages. Checked the internal temp after an hour and mid 60s fucking well done

desperate JF edition

very rare a song gets me giggling at how upper-middle class it is
here's a working class runtoid deano tune youtube.com/watch?v=K7-LndzNECs

it has a shit camera and I bear a grudge that my old one died at a very inopportune time but I'd admit they're decent phones and I do prefer them over anything android
except how annoying it is putting audio files on it when your iTunes isn't working

veggie state or dead hopefully
bloody chinks sending their doctors to help

Kim jong un seen seen moving into a bedsit in cheadle

okay then watch what i say then


Seconding this

fuck lad that's well shit aha
ne'er worry, another chance will come, learn from your mistakes and move on x

was just about to stick this belter on
another deano classic youtube.com/watch?v=ngzC_8zqInk

*pushes past that guy*
uhh yeah hi mate I talked to the lady over there and she said there were no eggs but I wanted to ask you as well if you've got any eggs no not the boxes of 6 on the shelf want the boxes of 15 mate if you could just get one of those for me that'd be great just have a look in the back see if you've got any ta

i'll probably call it a day in the next year or two.

electro songs are immediately shit if they have one of the two
>child's laughter or a child's voice
>narration or spoken word bits

Well? Should I?

(I asked about getting a film camera)

She's got kind of a smug pritti bollock stomping look about her

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everyone knows you supermarket runts are having daily pancake parties in the staff room

Kim Jong Un is said to be the most hung guy in North Korea. Independent journalist, Yum Huff Poo, stated early this morning that the dictator is "The most hung guy on the peninsula" and its rumored that his penis is "the size and girth of an Evian bottle."

Cheadle reportedly on lockdown after Kim Jong Un spotted entering Chicken Cottage and ordering everything on the menu

would quite like to see the nhs destroyed

do you mean a *film* over digital camera or do you mean a video camera?
don't get film unless you're really really into it and have a dark room or a space you could turn into a dark room

no, fuck off
either get a digital or one of those polaroid meme cameras

just shake my head at these people and walk off
been called rude twice in the last week but fuck them.

>>child's laughter or a child's voice
just remembered this song youtube.com/watch?v=3O1_3zBUKM8
who the fuck thought it was a good idea to put this on the airwaves


how did your first gay experience start lads?

>me, trying not to kek at a yankpost

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good post

with you :3


any mummy man in?

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Jog on, bender

A spell, huh? Never heard of a slaughterfish that could cast spells. Give it your best shot! Stop looking at me!

searching for endless novelty in porn

Want to shag Kim Jong Un's sister so fucking bad lads

when I kissed your dad

What does fish and chips taste like?

reading your posts

>>narration or spoken word bits
not sure if this counts since it's as an introduction but this album has a good few silly tunes in it youtube.com/watch?v=ZwOheA4N84g

In Korea, heart surgeon. Number one. Steady hand. One day, Glorious Leader need new heart. I do operation. But, mistake! Glorious Leader die! Party officials very mad. I hide in fishing boat, come to America. No english, no food, no money. Darryl give me job. Now I have house, American car, and new woman. Darryl save life. My big secret: I kill Glorious Leader on purpose. I good surgeon. The best!

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love a good random sci-fi quote in a dnb track

salty milk and coins

need her to finger my arsehole while i suck on her tits

Would shag this bint too


me on the left

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smells better than it tastes desu
still tastes good but hot chips with salt and vinegar on phwoar mouth watering stuff

not a bender myself but reckon being bi is not detrimental to human progress

most women are bi and dgaf and men probably are too but avoid it cause of the power dynamic involved

we /bleep/ now

mad how it is already 7 pm
time and that, it's madness

there's one album from someone like gold panda or shigeto or mount kimbie someone like that that has a song that goes
>and he was all like, fucked up an shit..
and I hate it so much I'd know when the last song was going to start and grab my phone immediately so i didn't have to hear it but now I've been trying to find it and use it as an example of terrible spoken word in a song
ring any bells? I can't remember who it's by and I can't find it again

imagine the taste of fish and then imagine the taste of chips
wa la

wonder if kim shagged his sis

>In 2014, he was not seen for a month, and when he reappeared was walking with the help of a cane.
nothingburger desu

Would it be naughty to nip off to the shops purely for some beer?

Like a ruined piece of fish.

bender cope

you are allow to go shops yea

males should die upon achieving reproduction