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The fetishists get the rope before the trannys


It happens sometimes.

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Maybe she was a FTM when a children and now she is just a 100% farmele?

Based trips

Fucking wasted trips, kill yourself tranny shagger.

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You're not a girl
you don't pass
dilate with a live grenade

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Wait wtf
I remember this webtoon but I never have thought that any foreign people would know this

Tomboy or tranny?

It would be fun to post some pic on r/truerateme with [f] and see what they say

Would have been better if they were just gay

kek. I spent ages larping as a tranny with pictures of Joshimuz. Funny how some low effort trolling is so similar to the real thing

Whoever made this image has not gone through this themselves. My best friend in primary school did this and fancied me. But he basically looks and sounds like a man. Sad times. I still think about him sometimes

You should dick him out of friendship

>tomboy become feminine
>boy becomes tranny
cringe with a chance of suicie

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somewhat based
also checked

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I like trannies, not because I support their delusions, but because they make incels seethe so hard

Pretty sure she was just a tomboy, this theme is common in anime

>>tomboy become feminine
kys latent homo

Me and my gf(but bustier) on the top

kys faggot

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>attracted to ugly dykes
>calling anyone else a faggot

gay is not okay

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>ugly dykes
cope more roastie

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>instant tranny's hivemind
westerns are fucked, like mutt's law for BBC

Do Americans really do this??

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the very next post

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I guess it really does.

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I only assumed it was the case because of all of the tranny posters on this board

I'd searched back image for asking where it comes from and I found it comes from one page of Korean comic named "oh load jesus"(completely SFW), which doesn't contain tranny stuff anywhere.

anyway, this board is too contaminated with shit like shadman and LGBT stuffs turning your brain off and making mind go wrong.

>this board is too contaminated with shit like shadman and LGBT stuffs turning your brain off and making mind go wrong.

I'm attracted to cute girls like an actual heterosexual you gay faggot, roasties try to broaden what it is acceptable for a female to be so faggots like you can cope with your homosexuality by jerking off to "tom"BOYS