Listen guys it’s ramadan and i want to browse this site so I don’t want to see women here...

Listen guys it’s ramadan and i want to browse this site so I don’t want to see women here, you better stop this understood?

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who are those jews?

whats the deal with women in ramadan?

So you mean you want to see more trannies instead?

idk some pic I found probably anime convention in saudi

well I guess its "haram" to look at women while you're fasting or some shit

It’s haram let alone a woman teasing

Even worse

they are hungry so they are vile cranky bitches
i been ignoring mine all day astagfirullah

i bet the quran doesnt say anything about trannys bro

Wtf are you talking It’s sodomy

Not according to Persians.

>naked belly and thighs

the guys look saudi so I assumed its there, all kinds of stuff happen now in saudi

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Why is Islam so gay


True but we didn’t reach that... yet, maybe they’re Saudis in emirates

>the guys look saudi

Are they hairy and do they have a massive semitic nose?

haha oops

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A woman is always trespassing in a male space because she is, by definition, a foe. A woman has no right to use male spaces. Is she enters them, she upsetting the Male's order and piece of mind. She is actually committing an act of aggression against him merely by being present where she should not be. A woman in a traditionally male space upsets Allah's order by inciting men to commit zina. The man has everything to lose in this encounter; piece of mind, self determination, allegiance to Allah, and social prestige.

>anime convention in saudi
Could it be the solution to Islam is anime?
Guys!! It was under our noses the entire time!!

the way they put on their scarf and the design of the thing they're wearing.

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Okay. But how come mahgrebs are the only arabs that aren't hairy and do not have a huge semitic nose?

Just because women are haram doesn’t mean fags aren’t

See you in gehenna

Not mahgrebs only, also shami countries (jordan, syria, lebanon, etc). Yes we are ugly in the gulf we know

>shami countries (jordan, syria, lebanon, etc)

I didn't know they were called shami. What does shami mean, does it have a specific meaning or is it just a term?

>see you in gehenna
huh? pic related

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Cope, we are uglier though yeah

But you're much richer, so you've got that going for you. Which is nice.


If you aren't rich, then what's the point in being saudi?

Being in the most conservative muslim country (so far) is a good thing

old term for those countries basically

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I'm a lefty and I abhor conservatism and all forms of authoritarianism (unless it's enforcing veganism on the populace).
Thank you, you have taught me well and I am grateful.

Tsk tsk tsk How sad

Not sad at all because I am also gay and gay means "happy", thank you.

Thank you.

Are you the bavarian fag?

I am Bavaryan indeed.

So you are against Islam that is very conservative?
What an islamophobic asshole here

No the whole Arab world just seems like a big jackoff fest where men fuck boys because some pedo prophet did .


I’ll respect you but that’s just because you supported my bait on pol

The enemy of Yas Forums is my friend. Forever.

You’re that chinaman aren’t you? Fuck off man this really isn’t the thread for that

Also, do you screencap your Yas Forums bait? I do, and I am especially proud of my 300+ replies 1 post by this ID threads.

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