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WHo say this, then WHo say that bla blabla

Bill Gates money

After all that shit they did back in 2009, you have to be utterly retarded to believe in those fuckers

"No evidence" doesn't mean shit
It would be a one-in-a-million biological sensation if there was a virus you didn't become resistant against.

He really is trying to get kicked out, doesn't he?


No evidence it doesnt protect the body either. So where are the tests then


>what is AIDS

Not a virus.

"No evidence" doesnt mean it doesn't happen. This reminds me of when WHO said there is "no evidence" of human to human transfer of virus and dummies took that as WHO lying.

NOPE. No evidence just means they haven't done a study yet! Why are people so dumb that they think "no evidence" means "it doesnt happen"! REEEEE

No, it isn't that rare. The antibodies you produce for dengue fever, MERS and SARS don't give you protection and make the infection worse a second time you catch it.

see aids is caused by a virus, retard

I think the fact you can get cured alone proofs that antibodies work, though actual resistance is never guaranteed

You base that on a very alarmist study which only now goes around. I think all evidence so far points towards the fact that you get some level of resistance against corona. In particular because many health workers who contracted the disease early went back to work afterwards and next to none are getting infected again or else it would make massive headlines.

That's just shitty anecdotal evidence. Give me some actual proof that antibodies for this virus give protection.

Dengue has 4 different viruses thats why

>, MERS and SARS don't give you protection and make the infection worse a second time you catch it
ummmmmm source?

dont believe that

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>actual proof
Like the Swede also said it's very simple if you do not make antibodies and if those antibodies do not help you, you will always succumb to a virus. see; HIV

If I remember correctly there have been cases of people with Wuflu getting reinfected
But hopefully by now you dumbasses know to not trust China or the WHO
The one country you guys should trust other than mine (Taiwan) is probably South Korea as they've handled it fairly well

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>Dengue has 4 different viruses thats why
>that's why
no, that's not why the second time you catch the same strain of dengue fever, the infection becomes more virulent


man, this coronavirus sure is something aint it?
every single time somebody finds a good thing from this situation it immediately gets stronger

>heat will destroy it
>n-no it can actually stand a lot of heat

>people will generate resistance to it
>n-no there's no evidence of that

fuck this shit, the virus is fake as fuck.

It's caused by a multitude of things.

HIV is also very different from coronavirus. They are less alike than you are from a segmented worm.

>the second time you catch the same strain of dengue fever, the infection becomes more virulent
Nope different strain causes what you are thinking of

So in a few lab studies on various animal models they got it to happen, but zero real cases of it happening IRL with actual people? Base and redpill.

>make the infection worse a second time you catch it
>according to my ASS

Not a good example because you never really get cured from HIV. The point is if your body is able to produce antibodies to cure itself then it should develop immunity

Ok davido


But HIV isn't the only virus that can stay in body for long times. Epsteinbarr, Herpes and Ebola can stay in body permanently and reactivate again.

he's correct insofar that we have no clear evidence to suggest that a infection will offer lifelong protection against the virus. there are too many unknowns. which it is natural that recovered patients of a typical viral infection do develop immunity, there has been evidence in China and South Korea that people are retesting positive in consecutive serology tests. whether they have been reinfected or a reactivation of the immunology response or inaccurate testing is not known. it is safe to say one should not craft policy on the basis of a poorly understood attribute of the novel coronavirus.