>are you good at picking up flirt signs?

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I then mention how much I like dick so she stops.

Very good. I can communicate with women without words

yes and I can safely say a woman has never flirted with me


but don't know how to proceed

yes, i always ignore them

Yes but if I'm talking to a girl normally and notices she likes me I go full spaghetti

I thought I was. I was wrong.

No since I never noticed something like that

I never understood why people are afraid of asking a woman out.

If you consider asking a woman out, it should be crystal clear to you beforehand if she has interest or not.

1 tip to have girls around you (friends&lovers alike)
Just continue ignore their flirt and dont be too talkative.
Reply to their flirt one and you are showing how much of a horny boy you are.

I've never flirted with a girl

just be yourself :)

I can talk and act with women easily but when it comes to flirting I'm an absolute idiot
I'd probably would have never kissed a girl if she didn't make the first move

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I have only contact with cashiers and clerks

This is best tip
But most people force themselves to be themselves in front of the attractive, they become tensed and messed up.

haha the only time in my life a girl has asked me how my day was going was a cashier hahahaha


Not at all, and when I act, it's too late. I know this behaviour is shitty, but I tend to overthink when a girl is showing signs of interest. How many opportunities I've lost because of this..

Also, some signs such as smiling or showing interest may mean just being friendly, specially in a country where people is very expressive like mine.

next time just grab her by the pussy

>darting her eyes away when you look at her
>making prolonged eye contact with you

kinda. I'm not a virgin and have made it to first base with at least 50 women

I don’t know, it never happened to me

Girls have never flirted with me so I wouldn't know whether I'm good or not

When you look back at them they look away out of nervousness but then not long after look back and for a long time. You never had this happen virgin?

I'd have more chances like that . At the moment, let's wait for this lockdown to end.

No. all women hate me.

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me too, the two girls i had intercourse with literally had to ask me out because i didn't recognise any flirting whatsoever. indeed i did ask some other girls out who i thought were flirting with me. turned out they weren't. i have never felt this much of an idiot before or since.

no, not at all

can't you just rape them in india?

Only if I'm interested in the girl.
Otherwise I'm completely clueless.

no. that's degeneracy and signs of a retard mind.

but is it illegal to rape or no?


are you dalit?