What they have in common?

What they have in common?

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watching others poo


kek fpbp


Lots of Muslims

We both love shit

Love of curry, shit, easily recognizable (not for the best reasons) accent and lots of Muslims

I like India, hope they have a prosperous future

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Lol, they are finished, the Muslims there are chimping out. Don't let the same happen in Deutschland my fellow Saxon.

Fite me



Judging from some weird historicsl artefacts we both are autistic enough to try and combine firearms with other shit. Like a gun axe, a gun sword, a gun shield etc. We see shit like that in jrpgs sometimes but there are real life examples. All of wich are either from india or germany.

It's not just muslims
Most indians are legit subhumans, regardless of religion, caste, class, etc.

>my fellow Saxon

I will humor you and test if you deserve to be called saxon. Where do saxons live in Germany?

muslims are chimping out in their country since almost 600 years and hindus are still the major religion, demographics, and politics.
>my fellow Saxon
vaste majority of Germans are not Saxons nor from Saxons descent tho

Sanskrit grammar = German grammar

The guy who started Germany's autistic fascination with "Aryans" for a stamp in India.

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Cool it with the self hatred you guys are based

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Cringe pooinloojesh


At least you have the balls to see reality, you guys need to start a eugenics program or something.
Muslims chimp out wherever they go, India has a bigger problem because the Muslims are the same race as them, this is not the case in Germany which can still be saved.

A bit off topic but they should force Sanskrit back and remove any influence of Persian influence in India. It would make the Muslims seethe forever. That or abolish Muslim religion

Gun axe 17th century germany

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>abolish Muslim religion
>abolish Christianism
we can start with the former. it's cancer

Seethe more, subhuman shitskin :^)
Sanskrit is quite difficult and no one's gonna waste their time learning it

They passed a law recently which gave citizenship to all non-Muslims who entered India before 2014 from either Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh and this harmless law caused major chimpouts and riots.
Imagine what would happen if they were to remove Islamic influence, that same point is now approaching Western countries where we will not be able to get anything down without the approval of Muslims and other minorities.


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Are you retarded? Their chimpouts are met with harsher backlashes and Hindu nationalism is flourishing.

>Hindu nationalism is flourishing
as IT should be

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the whitest countries on their respective continents

I am reading the non-muslims are targeting muslim groups, due to the recent Citizenship Amendment Act process to confirm illegal citizens.
From this board I was under the impression the Indian Prime Minister supports Muslims or is one himself, if there is truly repulsion for the religion in India it is only time before they are expulled.
The Muslim religion as an influence is increasing in India while Indian Nationalism is rising as another person has said here.