Thank you Corona-chan, for destroying tourism

No lazy natives renting out their grandfathers houses anymore and saying it is hard work, no disgusting British or ugly fat Germans, no kebab shops or shitty outdoor tattoo "parlors", no Albanians selling cheap plastic shit, no thieving Gpysies...finally. May this economic depression last for at least 10 years.

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no dirty chinese to pollute my town yay

Then why post a pic of German lady in a karate/judo gi?

Post a pic of a Croatian person. Ustasi faggot.

>Then why post a pic of German lady in a karate/judo gi?

That is clearly a Slav'd "German" woman. Your standard germanic woman is built like a tractor and has thicker facial hair than her father.

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so the one you're posting?

>ugly fat Germans
hello thats me


Imagine using ustase as a slur. Moron.


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>Imagine using ustase as a slur. Moron.
UstaĊĦe were terrorists tho

So its not insulting to call you viking cocksucker?

Ok si puta madre.

I just thought it was funny like calling someone a Nazi as an insult.

So its not inappropriate, when I told my co worker that shes very Aryan, when she said she was half Danish and half German, but 9th generation American.

What do you mean Slav'd? German raped by Slavic Soviets? or from before.
In ancient times and before the 20th century. Yes
Germans have Slav blood in them from mixing with Czechs and Poles. But on the other hand Russians (Volga Germans), Czechs and Poles have German blood in them too via mixing.

Your existence is terrorism.

I'm not even going to respond to this level of comprehension.

>What did it cost?
>My third-world now ravaged economy

the word is actually used as a mild slur and sometimes a slightly rough/casual context non-slur

Sucks for places that depend on Tourism, I heard Florida doesnt have an income tax just tourismbuxxx. Now Disney world is #cancelled .

A price worth paying. Better to be 20% more poor but having more stable and autarkic economy, oriented on the internal consumption than licking foreigners asses and being service sector dominated.

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Those are men with pony tails. You can't convince me otherwise.


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I hope so, I love that Slavic trap tight ass, and swallowing their loads in my mouth.

Varg-tier retardation

At least i am not a criminal and have a job unlike that monkey.

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It should be used as a slur. Imagine being so retarded you give up territories like Dalmacija and Istra for a cursed turkish shithole province.

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We'll be back soon

>thank God I'm finally so poor that even gypsies don't want to steal from me
Is this Balkan "ambition"?

You wouldn't believe how fast did the muslims ran through here back in 2015, barely 20 have decided to stay. Rest of them just ran through to your beloved West for your high gibs.

I thank God every day that I was born here.

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