Why do otaku exist

why do otaku exist

animation was a mistake

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Anime is trash.

weeaboos are a biological weapon

This guy is on his 50s and doing shit like this?

you have no one to blame but your own countrymen.

>50 year old anime weeb gets a 22 year old Japanese gf
What's the problem?

yes, you can see in akihabara

like pachinko for an infant mind

it's very sad

she cute

How big is otaku market?

a 22-year-old male did not get his gf

it's difficult to be ecact

you know, jpop idols have taken many fans, it's like a cicyle

idk but I'd rather put the leash on her.


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Logically speaking U12 then

That's most likely a man in his twenties. Judging from where are you from, you shoudn't be so easily decieved by his hair


Please do not occupy the parking space

how does he do it?
how does he get those qt girls to lick the shoes of.

top lad

God I wish that was me

Me on the left


you tell me fucking gaijin weeb

the guy is probably early 20s and dutch

guy is living the dream he's got a lot of cute japanese girls to step on him

You would have called him based if he was not bald and handsome.
Appearance of a person distorts your perception of them and you forge your opinion solely on looks.

I think your problem lies not with otaku but with ugly people in general.

God I wish that was me

my assumption is that this man has obscene amounts of money and pays these young ladies for the pleasure of their company

are cute Japanese girls that expensive?


Laughed audibly

me on the left

Me on the right

me behind the camera

me behind the computer screen fapping

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She is perfect, I want to be her dog.