outrageously English

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ironically probably my most notable achievement in life is my Yas Forums posting career, I've been on the site for 15 fucking years

anyone here ever fuck

what is it like

asking for a friend of course i have fucked before haha

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gf is baby

ah yes
normie humour

Currently experiencing the first proper hangover of the lockdown

Feel grimola. Welcome to Grimmington, population 1 (me)

shaggers always say it's over rated
wouldn't know myself

July 14th 1861, Washington DC

quite surreal the first time and after that quite normal

haha why don't you just tell him then lad

Can't believe are Kim is brown bread de lids

is he really dead? expected this to be as big a shit storm as the oil crash

*shakes your hand*
thank you for your service

i'm baby

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overrated if with a random girl, even if they're good looking
actually very good if it's someone you're in love with

it's genuinely overrated but i've only had 3 one night stands

will never know what it's like with someone you properly like. reckon you get better at it when you're doing it long term too

>actually very good if it's someone you're in love with
s-sounds cute

Every time I see this thumbnail I think it's the short fella that used to be on 8 Out of 10 Cats.

stop talking about shagging you fucking sex havers

feel like pure shit just want 2010-13 Yas Forums back

Overrated desu

hello literal women

Got pulled over by police with a bag weed ‘n coke so I shoved it down the ventilators and now it’s stuck there and it stinks of weed when I turn it on

*smokes mid*

nothin personnel AWPer

ok so basically i'm monky

brit is a noshag general, FONT



What’s going on with big Kim de lids. Did he have too much kimchi and samgyeopsal? Have you ever had samgyeopsal? It’s pork belly, better than bacon my lads

mental how literally nothing changed after this

need a quar gf

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ahh wude weed wmao

gonna drink some stellar twats tonight

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Mental how literally nothing ever changes

Literally few greater feels than a girl moaning at your pleasure and then dumping your load into her. Knowing on a primal level she wants your semen inside her and wants to be used by you.

surreal how

not a bad idea, but it needs some work

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one of the greatest (kino) moments of my life


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it's only when looking back at myself on the toil surveillance cameras that I realise how gangly and awkward I look

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>fat mince
prefer the term "chubby femboy" myself

hope quarantine never ends just to piss off normoids

medieval wars were actually extremely uneventful and from what I've heard the soldiers were more likely to die as a result of quarreling with fellow soldiers over random shit from just sitting around all day bored out of their minds and drunk/miserable/sickly than from battling enemy soldiers


dont know or care what anzac is

why do I even bother

I have several quar girl friends if that counts.

It’s comfy.


NHS estimates that 14,000 people have died because they haven't come to hospital for things like strokes and heart attacks and that up to 30,000 cancer sufferers will probably die because their treatments have been postponed.

Well done based lockdown people!

as in you can't really imagine what it's like until it happens


haha poo

why'd he delete his post

NHS are a shambles

Can't wait for the HBO adaptation of the coronavirus thing


Best natural pleasure a human being can experience.

daddy dont forget to pull out

*clap clap clap clap*

sniffing petrol at this pos t

that's heroin though

The Tiktok dancing nurses will be centric to the plot

tucking into some 100% fat mince

quick someone call me based

Prefer a good poo than a good cum

If it's someone you genuinely love then yes. If it's some rando then it's pretty hollow

is it better than meth?


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meth is fucking boring honestly




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vile slampig

read online that if you do meth continuously you can wank for like 40 hours straight and its crazy good

this is like gay porn but with a woman


What percentage minge do you lads get?


i do that with speed

kek my dad did this to my mum and then i squirted out

would not be able to do this because my willy's too short

Even if they went in, they’d have to wait for the nurses to finish their latest TikTok.

It’s funny because the media, charities and the general public is starting to pick up on this.

NHS chief said it on LBC


so fucking effay

deja vu
heard that as well, apparently poofs smoke it at their orgies

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nothings changed then
dads mate served in the gulf war, said it was boring as fuck. just fat yanks sitting in tents on computers. only interesting bit was the USS missouri using the big guns off the coast, the ground was shaking.

You get SUPER aroused, but can be hard to stay hard because vaso restrictor

it's this incredible feeling of energy transfer; the physical/material world melts away and you're left with an electric feeling. it's the closest you can come to a union with an external experssion of conciousness

Went to the park to do calisthenics and there was some steroidal chick outside training an old lady
I swear she looked like Clydesdale breed mare. Her legs were a sight to behold

Why are muscle chicks so hot?

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why do I even bother

i doubt his death would ever be investigated properly but i have suspicions that if he is dead or in ill health that someone poisoned him, probably the chinese.

lot of weird stuff going on geopolitically the last few years and the temperature has really raised in recent months. every country's internal politics is like a james bond movie right now in my view and i really think kim jong un was murdered.

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the recession will wipe out thousands too just like the last one did but probably worse.

I mince my own beef

What percentage mince fat do you lads get?

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i've got a beef with mince. might say i've a bone to pick with it


Someone tinfoil hat this clown

Find it cringe when Canadians do anything desu

love how angry this gets me

or maybe he just died of a heart attack because he's so fat

Prefer the term chubby twink myself