Why can they speak English?

Why can they speak English?

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Up in the Yokomitos ass

They learn Swedish, you don't need to know more than one language, and that is a scandinavian language. Either Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. Why the fuck would anyone learn a cuck mutt langauge like English?

Why is the first guy so bäd at English? Swedes are great at it, so Finland Swedes should be about as good.

I blame the Finnish school system.

You know Finland-Swedish is literally just broken Swedish with an extremely, extremely thick Finnish accent

>broken Swedish

Dont blame us. Finnish isnt indo-euro language.
At Finnish language you prounce like its written, like at latin. Its a hard thing to get rid off specially when speking at indo-euro languages.

They replace certain Swedish words with Finnish

This is how Finnish-Swedish people speak


How the fuck is this racist bullshit allowed

It is Norway. Nobody gives a shit.

And i hoped noone would record my trip at Norway.

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That's not a Fenno-Swede, just look at the name.

>They replace certain Swedish words with Finnish
No. Some do, but you could say the same thing about Finns living in Sweden. Doesn't mean those dialects are "broken" it just means that some of those Finns have a poor Finnish and vice versa.

Here in Finland we used to think Norwegians are not so bad as Swedes
we were quite so wrong

We make fun of everyone. Swedes, Germans, Danish, Finnish people. Stop being a butthurt pussy.

I am because if Saami people are made fun of twitter explodes
if Finns mocked nobody cries
there is a double or even triple standard here

Because of vowel harmony, it makes finnish too easy to pronounce -> everything that doesn't follow it is too difficult.

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>Stop being a butthurt pussy.
Many Finnish Yas Forums posters are severely autistic and act as professional victims. Ignore them.

English and Finnish are very close languages.

Be quiet you stupid idiot

That's because Denmark-Norway tried to wipe out the Samii culture, there's guilt involved. Norway have never been in a conflict with Finland. For instance, the norwegian media makes fun of pakistani people, because we don't have guilty feelings toward them.

What, we are closer to turkeye lingually than english.
Calm down hotpants, we do the same.

You don't know that Finnish is not an indo-european langauge? English and Finnish are very far from each other. Hindi is more related to English than Finnish.

>Be quiet you stupid idiot
Thanks for proving my point :)


English and Finnish are very close languages.

You are retarded.


Förstår du icke att de brevar bete? Självfallet vet han att hans språk är olikt engelska. Svara honom inte.

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lopeta toi vitun monivammanen koulukiusattu paska

He's a rally driver. They don't go to school they fuck around with cars all day

>They don't go to school they fuck around with cars all day

How different is it from a Finnish speaking Finn's Swedish accent? To me they sound identical.

this guy who posting ruotsi was bullied in school and born with mental damage

Hva motiverer ham? De fleste troll prøver å provosere, jeg vet ikke hva han prøver på.

I know OP just wanted to attract the attention of Finns, not others.

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>To me they sound identical.
Nah it's pretty obvious whether you're talking to a Finland Swede or a Finn who knows Swedish.

We don't give a shit about your intentions.

Up in the ass of Timo


Er finsk-svensk bare en dialekt av svensk? Og i så fall hvilken svensk dialekt er mest lik finsk-svensk?

There is still a similarity, no?

>De fleste troll prøver å provosere
Ja, och varför gör de så? Jo, de gör så för att få en reaktion. Folk blir arga och svarar.
Att spela dum är ett annat sätt att locka till reaktioner. Du ser hans brev och tänker "den här idioten vet verkligen icke vad han snackar om! Jag måste förklara för de andra att det han säger är fel".

Och då får han den kära (you) som är så meningsfull för trollungar som han.

yes, but they use other words that swedes don't use


>Er finsk-svensk bare en dialekt av svensk?
Ja, den liknar många svenska dialekter.
>Og i så fall hvilken svensk dialekt er mest lik finsk-svensk?
Norrländska. Uttalet, diftongerna, många saker är lika.

Some similarities, but partially due to the fact that you actually learn Fenno-Swedish at school.

Finsk-svensk är svenska med en finsk accent och lite olik vokabulär

Norrländska er faktisk den dialekten som er enklest for meg å forstå. Stockholmsdialekten og Malmødialekten er vanskeligst.

He is trolling.

Ingenting vondt ment, men jeg stoler mer på en svenske enn en finne i akkurat dette temaet, med mindre du er svensk-finne.

Auf Schwedisch bitte

>Norrländska er faktisk den dialekten som er enklest for meg å forstå.
Norrländska är på många sätt lik norska. Mpnga norrmän finner faktiskt Finlandssvenska enklare att förstå än vanlig svenska.

>Stockholmsdialekten og Malmødialekten er vanskeligst.
Många svenskar finner malmödialekten vansklig att förstå. Vad är det som du tycker är vanskligt med stockholmskan?

I've noticed that Fenno-Swedish seems more straightforward with how it is pronounced and the all the sounds used exist in Finnish as well. Regular Swedish has these kinds of hidden sounds inside their words that don't seem to be present over here.

Vanskelig å forklare, jo lengre og lengre vekk du kommer fra norskegrensen jo mindre forstår svensk av norsk også. Stockholmere har til tider problemer med å forstå norsk også, eller de vil ikke alltid å forstå. Skånedialekten er naturligvis ganske vanskelig å forstå fordi det er likt dansk i uttalelse.

Ime mun karvaista kyrpää

forstår svensker norsk også*

Ich verstehe kein Finnisch, es tur mir leid. Veilleicht in Schwedisch?