Indians now have cow-protecting-death-squads. Based or cringe?

Indians now have cow-protecting-death-squads. Based or cringe?

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not one minute into the video and they're catching bucket loads of cow piss.

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based. never cringe.

They don't care about cows, they just want to lynch Muslims.

They use them to slaughter mudslimes. Unequivocally based.

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Seems like it. The whole cow guarding thing just seems like an extension of Hindu nationalism

Absolutely based.

If you think Muslims are some oppressed minority in India, that's retarded. There's 200 million of them in this country and I've seen many of them even post here so many of them living in upper class households as well, but they will constantly compare their plight to Palestinians, Uyghurs in China, I mean just lol.

More Muslims are killed by their own in gang wars and crimes than by RSS or Hindu Nationalists. But NDTV won't say that. Instead they literally dedicated an entire day where the screen was black and all they showed were names of Muslims who were victims of Hindu Nationalism.

Lol, if we started compiling list of all Indian names who were victims of Islamic terrorism, we would run out of paper.

Who owns NDTV?

Kek. Cow fuckers can lick the asshole of cows as much as they want they will never be anything of importance because they never were at any point.

But it is funny seeing the insecurity from them because islam dunked on them for 1000+ years

Wait indians really drink cow piss and shit?

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Did Islam really dunk on them though? A victory for Islam would be a combination of conversion and elimination of non-Muslims. The ones who invaded India seem to have failed in that regard.

India was always more successful than Arabia though. Even the number system and mathematics Arabs like to talk about, largely comes inspired from India and Persia.

The only reason you aren't a shithole is because you were sitting on oil.

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They don't eat shit. They just use it as incense for "good smell"
Didn't cow fuckers like yourself kill one million muslims like 70 or 80 years ago?

shithole india needs to be nuked and occupied by Wh*te Anglos

Saudis are hated amongst real Muslims, their country is run by the house of Saud who are crypto Jews.

seethe more NEchink.


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Nigger nobody cares about number system
People care about architecture, culture and lifestyle, all of which is unironically shit

>Being a cuck to your local maulana is a lifestyle
Poo in loo abu

A bunch of Bengali Brahmins. I have zero problems with normal Muslims, I have Muslim friends, but there is a limit to which you can defend Islam. NDTV crosses that line and goes on some kind of Leftist-Islamist POV. They even tried to suppress the Tableek-e-Jamaat news where there was a gathering of a 1,000 people inside a mosque in Delhi which was a massive factor in spreading Coronavirus across the country. Heck, even moderate Muslims were calling for government action to prevent the spread after the gathering got exposed by NDTV refused to report until ppl were pissed.

Protecting cows is fine.
Attacking Muslim or other religious minority is never fine.

I hate nationalism of every stripe, but Hindu nationalism is really a big big threat to future peace.

apparently the south of the country has really good beef bbq

anyway, these people can drink all the piss they want it's not my business, lol, wtf

NDTV is the home of Indian left-wing press, it was created as a digital media for the Indian Express which was a left-wing anti-British anti-colonial newspaper in 1932.

They went from fighting colonialism to sucking Muslim dick, what a fall.

>muh oil
Literally any arab country is better than you by any measure.
Ruling them for centuries isn't dunking on them? Dunking on them so hard they had to rewrite battles where Muslims won and make it look like their street shitting heros have won. isn't that the biggest cope?

You don't to convert anyone. Everywhere they look(either be historical buildings or history books or even the islamic names everywhere) they will find Muslim history slapping them in the face and they can spend all their time coping by deleting or rewriting history or destroying muslim buildings. They would destroy Taj Mahal if it wasn't such well known place that brings alot of income.

You don't need*

Lmao mudslimes have only ruled most of India for max 400 years.
You guys are cucked by the parasitical death cult for life and the funny part is that you will never realise it.

>400 years
My sides

when ur pakistani and spend too much time on /his/ and playing EU-IV.

i'm tajik retard

Is there an Indian that will defend drinking condensed cow piss?

tajikistan = greater pakistan

we're greater iran

Are there any indian channels for this current world event? I tried looking on youtube but it seems as though they aren't showing any local videos and only showing certain news chanenls.

No but an American would do it for drinking black men pee

Hindu nationalism feels like 14th century nationalism. It's really weird to see people form death squads to protect cows.

>Literally any arab country is better than you by any measure.

Arabs are a plague be set on humanity by the great pedo. Of all the nations I have been to by far the most backward and arrogant are the Arab ones. May death find you and quickly lay waste to your people. Inshanalla lol

What's wrong with protecting cows?

lol shut the fuck up you fag

It's just weird to see from a 21st century perspective there's people forming death squads to prevent cattle which is holy and roaming the streets freely.
Cows here are behind fences or inside barns

Why are cows sacred in Hindu religion? They're a really dumb animal and not majestic or anything

Saudis have an average IQ of 84 while the average IQ of Indians is 82. You are both pretty low IQ, it just happens that you have oil and can afford to get White people to come and make your place into a non-shithole, your nation is incompetent at waging war and cannot even beat the Houthi rebels.

And conversion is the way Muslims win in most places, the fact that you could not convert them despite ruling over them for 1000 years is pathetic, especially considering your method of occupation was much different from the British method, which was just to take their resources back to our lands.

>Protecting cows is fine.
>Attacking Muslim or other religious minority is never fine.
>I hate nationalism of every stripe, but Hindu nationalism is really a big big threat to future peace.

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Because cows give milk, and are kept as pets by many Hindus. Many people in medieval India had to surivive only on milk at times because crop failure was common in those days. My grandma said sometimes she would only be able to get enough flour in the 1940s for two rotis and she would dip them in milk and eat it with sugar. It's still a poor-people diet in India, milk+roti+sugar. Many religious rituals involve milk too.

For this reason, cows are considered worthy of protection.

It is just an excuse to lynch Muslims, India is the second largest exporter of beef in the world.

>Saudis have an average IQ of 84 while the average IQ of Indians is 82
These are approximations. I seriously doubt the Saudi one would be that low.

>your nation is incompetent at waging war and cannot even beat the Houthi rebels
They've bombed the shit out of the Houthis and have a huge K/D ratio against them. They've successfully defended their territory too. Houthis are a shell of their former selves.