Britain: the Americans of Europe

Britain: the Americans of Europe.

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>come and live in Britain

No thanks

kek @ the British inferiority complex towards Russians

Why would anybody want to move to Britain?


What's this got to do with america

They didn't color the rest of Pakistan kek

>Can't read a legend

Why are Brits so tsundere for us?

Still doesn't make any sense, why would putting americans at the top of a points list mean we're americans? I like dogs doesn't mean I'm a dog

They're mad you cucked and relegated them and destroyed their empire

nah reality is Brits irl love Americans but NEET virgin runt freaks on Yas Forums seethe about them


Err yes mate I'm annoyed that people here would be willing to accept american immigrants

My gf is Estonian. She moved here for a job.

you've been spouting this utter shit all day you definitely have a problem

Why would that annoy you? Yanks are like us in a lot of ways. A lot more than Poles or Germans for example.

I was being sarcastic you fool I obviously don't care, that other poster said cope to me because I said this thread was stupid

>South Africa
Whenever they say this they always mean he whites lol

Same goes for "Americans"

I been to UK and they weren't really the same as Americans.
They are similar but more somber, rarely smile, and honestly a lot poorer in terms of their lives. But I do like them and they can be very kind and fun and loving. Zero issues with chav or drunkards or whatever either, like Yas Forums sometimes makes fun of them for.

Always found it weird that Yas Forums tries to take the piss out of us by calling us drunk chavs when most people here would relish that title

Looks just about right. Are an EU migrant? Perhaps a Paki?

I've never met a black South African here.

Financial prospects and/or better standards of living, something >Estonia doesn't have.

The Brit seethes when he does not know who he is up against

In terms of similarity to American:
Canada (indistinguishable from American) >>> Australia (NOTHING like Yas Forums memes imho, you can tell they are their own country but mostly the same as American) >>>> UK (more sad and glum)

But none feel foreign to me. I never been to a truly foreign land. I only go to places that speak English, I dont trust myself enough to be able to learn enough Spanish or German or whatever to go to a truly foreign land, let alone something like Korean or whatever.

Why would anyone think an American would want to go and live in the UK?

No when they say they’re okay with “South Africans” moving to their country they mean they only want the white ones to emigrate
Australian right winger have some saviour fetish for wanting to import South Africans (white) to Australia instead of Chinese because they’re being persecuted by the evil black people, sky news really does rot your brain

don't think anyone cares really you just come across like a weird psycho

He;s right you mong. Only Yas Forumsermensch and Leftoids/EUoids genuinely seethe at Americans.


Lot of Americans really romanticize UK especially London. And think everyone is very classy, smart, polite people except when they need to chide us on TV.
I honestly think UK has the best reputation of any foreign country with Americans. Possibly a bit behind Canada or w/e

that's because americans either never met brits or only met posh ones

Those poor souls. I really hope they don't actually fall for the memes and go and live there.

I've always wondered why Sky News Australia is based in contrast to ours which is another cuckolded globalist mouthpiece of an MSM.

Based. Our true allies lie in the Anglosphere. Europe is merely our transactional partners. Remember this fact whenever a Brit bullies you next time, my Ameribros.

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Sky news Australia is owned by Murdoch, sky news uk is owned by Comcast and it’s not based everyone on there is just retarded

i hate america and americans

What do Americans think of Australia? The few Americans I’ve talked to literally thinks the entire continent is a desert like the middle eats, it astounds me

Special relationship!

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I think the center of your country is arid like the Mojave. Most of your population centers are located closer to the coasts. I would love to drive across Australia, I've driven across the USA several time and enjoyed it. I am afraid of getting over there and people making fun of me for talking.