What do Italians think of hapa and asian people

What do Italians think of hapa and asian people

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São Paulo?

If they are women, sex
If they at least look like women, sex.
If they are really men who cares.

If they are women, sex
If they are men, sex

Cute boys?

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Why are there so many Italian gayposters on Yas Forums

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Italians are the most anti Asian people in Europe
Greeks on the other hand are actually pro asian

my best friend has a half-chinese son, he cute.

why do Americans slander us constantly? that's not true

Italy was the most pro China country in Europe though.

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>my best friend has a half-chinese son, he cute.
>he cute
Go back to the Vatican.

what? this website has rotted your brain and corrupted your sold m8.


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Watch Mark wiens videos in Italy and Greece

don't care about whoever that is


You are anti asian

not particularly, no.

my best friend is chinese and he recently came out as gay ... fucking perfect

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tutto cesso

Italians are racist in general, doesn't have anything to do with Asians in particular.

They even have famous epos about a paladin seeking a Chinese gf (but he failed and went mad).

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Not cool bro

italy is full with asians tho

Holy shit I just realized the implication of him being a proto-weeb

Denying italy's anti-asianess IS anti-asian

so? romania is full of gypsies and romania is racist against them
usa... blacks
canada.. natives
uk... pakis

and so on

I would never slander an Italian. I will protect the good name of Italy to my drying breath.


playing with boy bumps

No It's not wtf the author calls her princess of india

I like them if they vote pd

Arr rook same confirmed