Human Development Index

>Human Development Index
>Corruption Perception Index
>World Happiness Index

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Maybe do something about your cunt's shit score instead of whining?

>Maybe do something about your cunt's shit score instead of whining?

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Are you blaming the victim??

Tbh only the WHI is bullshit

The monkeys voted for people who are burning down their own forests for a bit of extra money, so yes I am if they're this dumb.

from your post I immediately knew you were from a third world shithole even before looking at the flag

Hey! I don't look like that!

>a score

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Europeans destroyed 99% of their forests centuries ago, 8000 years ago the area that is Brazil today used to contain 10% of the world's forests, it now corresponds to 28,3%.

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Fires did not increase in 2019, in fact the largest peaks were during the socialist government that media pretends was somehow eco-friendly.

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>forests in 1000BC magically align with modern Polish borders
it has been foretold

>Inequality Adjusted HDI

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Haha yeah and Greece in 300 BC
This map is clearly off.
And England-Scotland in 1000 BC.

You have the unique opportunity to avoid repeating Europe's mistake. That's the true test of intelligencce.

>index of economic freedom

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Your corruption perception is impaired

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>Everything my country falls behind the rest of the planet at

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Seething subhuman

You're a thirdie too

"Perception" is not the same as actual corruption, euros in general have a severe case of blind trust and denial when it comes to corruption.

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>index of economic freedom 1996
>1. hong kong
>index of economic freedom 2001
>1. hong kong
>index of economic freedom 2006
>1. hong kong
>index of economic freedom 2011
>1. hong kong
>index of economic freedom 2016
>1. hong kong
>index of economic freedom 2019
>1. hong kong

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I see that you want to pretend we're Favela, the country so that you can feel better about your country's dire state. In a way I feel sympathy for you.

You live in a narcostate, denial won't make it magically go away.

You have to give it to them. They'll profit out of anything.

Further proof that all forests should be governed and managed by Finns. Lesser people are unable to do that.

The favelas are just caused by low average IQ. European countries are probably the most corrupt on earth, especially in relation to banking practices

congrats on being number 1 porky state
if anything it only proves hk has no right to exist

I know I'm talking to a BR and 4channer, so odds are low you'll understand this. But there's no evidence of the government being infiltrated by the drug dealers (in any serious numbers at least, who knows what goes on somewhere disclosed), this is when you have a Narco-state. Even the article states the NL iS iN dAnGeR of becoming a Narco-state; also known as clickbait.

If only we had some international agency checking for that kind of stuff, but ofc. your gut feeling says that's not trustworthy at all. I forgot.

Still though I must admit that reviewing the state of events unfolding we do have some things to look out for.
But in reality we're not some country where we go around bribing cops, never heard so and there's no clear proof of this being systematic at all. This is all I'm saying.

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>>Corruption Perception Index
Nothing wrong with this one. It's not made up bullshit like the other 2.

>Human rights index
>Press freedom
>Freedom of journalism index

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These "central agencies" are themselves corrupt though. The 2008 financial crisis was caused due to "central agencies" like Moody's and Standard&Poors giving great credit ratings to junk loans. The same goes for things like the "corruption index" and "press freedom" index.