Could you live without TV and internet for a month? How would you fill up your time?

Could you live without TV and internet for a month? How would you fill up your time?

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TV easy, internet might be a bit harder though. Can't tell you the last time I actually watched something on TV.

I don't have a tv. I watch everything on the computer.

I don't think most Americans under 30 would have any issue giving up TV. I don't know how I could live without internet, though. If I had incentive I probably could

I don't watch much tv and mostly get my local news from radio.
I mostly use internet for gacha games, yt, this site and for uni. Aside talking to one frined on Discrod, I don't use social media.
I would probably pass my time watching anime torrents saved on my hard drive.

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TV yes

Internet probably not

>Could you live without TV for a month?
yes easily
>Could you live without internet for a month?

I haven't watched TV since 2008. I had my internet cut off for about a month in 2013 and I just played video games.

No I couldn't. I need a TV for my PS4 and I need an internet access.


No. Not unless I was allowed to stock up and prepare beforehand with books, a bike, a longbow and some arrows I could go a full month easily.

Add a quarterstaff to that list as well, actually. I quite like quarterstaff, would need a sparring partner though

yes I'd just play vidya and go outside more with ma dog

You need a TV to play videogames

without internet can be hard
I was at the mountains for a month, but with phone with internet

No I play on my PC

I'd be fine not having a tv for the rest of my life.
Internet would be difficult but doable.

Yeah sure, I don't really watch television I just use it as ambient noise
It could easily live for a month without internet but I can't because it's the only way to keep in contact with other people.
>How would you fill up your time?
I'd improve myself out of boredom and I'd spend more time out and finally I'd start to watch all the online courses I've downloaded so far

Monitors are small televisions

Not right now, but yes.
Mostly books and exercising

that was in the past, now tvs are some kind of monitors

that's not what people mean when they refer to TVs tho

>Could you live without TV and internet for a month?
I live without tv and internet for about 4 months every summer thanks to my job.

What is this, 2006?

What do you do? Are you a fisherman?

Swords are big knives.

Not a fisherman but a crewman on a freighter (cargo ship). My cabin is very sparse, just a bed, small desk and chair plus a bathroom.

sounds like a comfy life. I wish I could go to sea but I had to grow up in a landlocked cunt

If you use them in the exact same ways though, as in videogames and entertainment, then your monitor is your TV. There’s no worming your way out of the question originally posed by OP. Unless you plan on using your PC exclusively for making powerpoint presentations, it’s your TV and you’re cheating.

Oh I think I remember you, you posted a picture some time ago. How did you end up there? How is the pay? How is the job? I'd like to do it once mostly because I don't travel but still sounds nice.
Did you experience some really scary storm?

easy, I even gave mine away last year since I didn't use it at all
fuck no. I'm too dependent sadly

not the Switch