Do you hate Finland?

Do you hate Finland?

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No, living in a cold country must be comfy as fuck.

No, smuggling and selling snus in Finland has earned me nearly 60k euro in the last 4-5 years.
I love Finland.

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It is. Fuck summer.

that pic doesnt make sense

65e per tower, can you belive that.
Fuck corona

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thanks i found new work

Glad i quit in january no way I would subject myself to such jewing

I know, it's great.

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Glad i got mine with 50e
bought two and could just buy weed.

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Last time I crossed over I sold nearly 250 logs (towers as you call it) in just two days.
Went home with a fat fucking stack of cash.
Hopefully it will help lower the price for some of you if we keep flooding the market.

>Fuck summer.
Fully into autumn and the past few weeks have been between 25 and 30 degrees during the day. I'm so unbelievably fucking sick of this climate. 32 years on this hot rock and the past four years have been unlike nothing I've experienced and summer keeps getting longer and longer while winter shrinks and shrinks.

>summer keeps getting longer and longer while winter shrinks and shrinks
Same in big parts of Sweden I'm afraid, though the temps here are nothing compared to yours.
But winters are getting warmer and summers getting longer.
With forest fires and droughts as a result. Something new for Swedes.

why is life so easy for swedes

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Hey, I still have to struggle with the fucking borders and make sure I don't sell to some narc by accident. Takes quite a lot of effort from my part.

>But winters are getting warmer and summers getting longer.
>With forest fires and droughts as a result. Something new for Swedes.
Shit is truly fucked, desu.

Yup. Sweden got fucked back in 2018

There's two dudes in our general thread that lost their homes in those fires.

Pablo Snuscobar.

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Just borrow a boat, row along the river.
Meet your contact with a car another side.
Do you really think theres border patrolling among the Sweden and Finland border.

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It's not border patrols I'm afraid over, it's the random police "traffic stops" along most major roads near the borders and harbors.
The easiest way to get big amounts of snus into Finland is, the ferries. Yes. Fucking Viking and Silja Line. Buy a 3 day ticket for Helsinki or Turku, load up you car with snus, cover it with car parts, tools and crap. Done deal.

So you live at stockholm.
I somehow had picture you being northern Finn next to Tornio and Haaparanda.

Come home balkan man

No no, I live up north. In Piteå. And yes, I have taken the Haparanda/Tornio route sometimes but it's less profitable.
The real money is to be made in southern Finland, in the big cities.
So it's easier for me to drive down south, take a ferry from Stockholm and cross that way.

I could start smuggling some snuss after this all is over.
Got any tips?

Ok, you just want us to tell you how much I love you again..?

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>Got any tips?
1. Avoid regular trips at the same dates etc. Always go randomly, if someone asks you are just another tourist.
2. Never carry more than you can sell.
3. Avoid quick trips as much as possible. 3 day trips are the minimum, or people might start wondering why you come and go without doing anything. Stay a while, go to a museum, chill in a park. Doesn't matter. Just avoid attention.
4. Keep the cash on you and make sure you have a plan, if you for some reason get stopped of pulled over you have to be smart. I always check for cars on sale in the area I'm going. If I'm stopped with lots of cash on me, I just tell them I'm gonna look at a car.

Also, just use common sense. Don't run around pubs and clubs shouting about snus. Find people willing to buy without causing a scene.

We love Japany too.
Thanks for making our story into Anime

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Do you want us to be your gateway into west anonsan :DDDDD

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Nothing is stopping you from doing that. I know people who regularly visit Haparanda to buy snus to sell back home