Croatian edition


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he is LITERALLY me :)

Drazhe brate Xi,

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Lol it's so cute when Bulgarians speak Serbian, I mean it genuinely.

Lol it's so cute when serb rapebabies pretend to be fulllooded magyars, I mean it genuinely.

Бpaт Щи )))

>full-blooded Magyars

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I'm the most antibalkan Slovene on the board and more or less a fullblown nazi but in reality I'm something like 75% Serbian by blood

Én, Slonkovics Sloni, ünnepélyesen esküszöm, hogy hazámhoz, a Jugoszláv Népköztársasághoz hű leszek. Törvényeit betartom, hazám érdekeit és határait az életem árán megvédem. Az ellenséggel soha a legkisebb egyetértésbe nem bocsátkozom. Eskümet halálomig megtartom. Ha pedig eskümet megszegem, sújtson népköztársaságunk törvénye és dolgozó népünk megvetése.

EU is finished this time for real. Corona bonds aren't going to happen any time soon. They weren't going to before the crisis and they aren't now that they are in public focus. The Northern governments simply can't sell it to their constituents. This crisis is unlike any other crisis in recent history, it combines multiple risks, including financial instability, migration, and authoritarianism. Consequently, any response requires greater Eurosubhuman solidarity, which has been absent so far. Let's see what happens when China steps up.

But we aren't talking about TR economy here

Aerodrom at night, watch this third worlders

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Nice Turkish towers

>3 buildings
>everything else is houses

>ooga booga we use latin alphabet we civilized people now:DDD

ok, that's a lie, I'm more like 30% Serbian, but still

t. 12 centis és vékony


Ok picikuki

кaј глeдaш кyќa нa cликaвa

You know who has small cocks? Asians. On the other hand Serbs have huge cocks. Which group you belong to according to your weewee size?

>On the other hand Serbs have huge cocks.
Now why do you think that? Also mine is average.

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Пицикyки хaхa)))

Big people walk with big sticks.

Because you're a serb mutt.

We have bigger dicks than Serbs. You're the one who's a Serb.

>You're the one who's a Serb.

But yours is a picikuki

No he has a big Serb dick.

Mine is 16cm. Other Magyar is 10cm. Therefore he's a Serb.
Think about it logically.
>bigger dick
>green eyes
>look like a Slav(e)
>height is the literal average in Hungary
>smaller dick
>black eyes and brown eyes like a Balkanite
>tall like a Dinaroid
>implies that Serbs have big dicks (Serbian propaganda)

Only gays care. Hungarian girls take all dicks

>ywn dick down Shigger's ex while he watches in the corner with his 10cm dicklet
Why even live?

Many hungarians look like gypsies

>magyartard arguing with his proxy again
We know it's you, retard.

That's right and you know why? Because women make the rules. If you know what I mean. :)
My blood is B+. Bet you Indo-Nigger have A+ blood.

Idk what blood group I have.


>Idk what blood group I have.
Kind of good to know in case of an accident desu

I want to maximize my chances of dying.

>I want to maximize my chances of dying.
But you're too much of a pussy to just kys? Pathetic

I really want to get drunk, but I am alone.