In this thread we praise Eesti

In this thread we praise Eesti.
Country better than any southroid, just from ashes of communist shit in less than 30 years.

Bravo Eesti

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this should be our anthem tbqh, I don't like the one we stole from finland

Of course southrons will only decline more, they're not white, EU is keeping them afloat, even if countries out there are poorer due to setbacks from communism, they will still eventually surpass the whole of the south just by being more intelligent. Even the Americanized italians here who have lived here for decades perform worse than balts/east euros/norf euros in anything that requires brain power.

Hello I am from Eesti (Estonia)

How come its stealing if we are the same broud Balto-Finnic people.
Its uniting us, i belive no Finn think you stole it.

I like Eesti

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>you will never be estonian
why even live

This song made cry first time in years and i dont even know why

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it felt weird when kimi won races and then I heard the anthem, just weird

apologies friend, it's a touching song I guess, gets the emotions going

italy was always a contributor to EU budget, coping 52% shitskin. Also we had a partisan president and the biggest communist party of west eu.


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bravo estonia!

Only your north, once they become just as mutted (they're the most effected by corona btw) it's over.

Dont be sorry, that felt good.
Thank you.

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goddamn corona i want to go a spa and fill my car with booze

eesti is comfy as fug

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You're mutt shithole surrounded by negros and latinos, rip off

This so much.
I know Eesti isnt Finland. But its Finno-Baltic with cities and towns, their reach towards central european culture and such.
They are like City Finns while we are forrest Finns.

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There's a lot of Finns who hate Estonia especially older people but also Sweden loving Ylilauta kids

Based thread.
Yes hello!

why do they hate us?

Dont belive him.
Nobody hates you least where i live.

You guys can't understand how much I love the Estonian flag. It's like I want to have sex with it. Fuck me it's so beautiful. Such chromatic perfection. I literally included Estonia in the countries I want a bf from solely because I love their flag. Fuck.

Finns are just sad people who enjoy hating others
saw similar comments on Ylilauta

I don't think so. The current anthem is pretty good and the fact that we share it with Finland and Livonia only helps Finnic unity. It was written by a German though so we didn't really steal it from Finland. However I'd certainly vouch for Kodumaa if we had to switch. The lyrics are perfect and it sounds great if you cut out the prelude.

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>Finns are just sad people who enjoy hating others

same tbqh

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Rightful Russian clay, and so are you.


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