Would you date an older woman?

Would you date an older woman?

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only tap and gap, sorry.

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Would you drive a lemon?



>teehee key make sound

Yes, older woman mollycoddle younger men.


Women older than me are in their 30s. Either they're single mothers or just single, in which case they either want to have kids fast or don't want any kids at all, in which case dating them is just a waste of time for me. So women older than me are strictly just for banging

I had a 29 year old gf when I was 18

bros i will never sexy sexy time with woman like this

the real question is, would an older woman date me? And the answer is no, because otherwise i would have a mommy gf by now

I did. But she was retarded, so our intellect matched.

My girlfriend is 24 years older than me. So, yes, I guess.

Are there any issues in your relationship due to the age difference?
How do your peers and parents view it?

Yes. Please god

I'm 28 so no

how about a 16yo?

Wish I kept on with the 50 year old I dated a couple times, can't say I didn't feel good when she insisted on buying my drinks

Would you date a girl my age? (24)


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I'm 20 and I'm extremely attracted to 35+ years old women, especially office workers

Hi macron

What country is the best for older women, bros?
Alternatively, which country would you say has the best?

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/med/ countries

>What country is the best for older women, bros?
southern europe

thick arsed spanish milfs lads

Impressive. Mine is 20 years older which is a prettty big gap.
My friends are pretty non-judgemental, at least to my face, my parents are aware but have never met her, don't know what they think. We have been together for over 2 years now, but it wasn't meant to last this long because I do want a wife and children which she can't give me.

well, I have a fetish, so yes, I did and I will do it

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sadly they don't look like that

i want to see her get BLACKED

If she's hot, hell yeah.

My friends don't care, it's just like any other girlfriend. I haven't told my parents, my mother is against age-gap relationships.
Yes, it's a big gap. But she seems to like it that way.