We can’t drink tap water in Russia and Mexico

We can’t drink tap water in Russia and Mexico.
How do they live?

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like real men

Just boiling water.

Bottled water presumably

what kind of a retard drinks water?
alcohol is a thing you know

tell that the citizen of Flint, Michigan

>Costa Rica isn't First Worl-

do people drink tap water????
like 99.99% here buy minteral water

map is bulshit, tap water is safe in all Balkan countries

We buy water

Yes, but only in non-shitholes.

Do they cook anything with shit water?

I drink tap water all times thoe

I would never drink tap water even if I lived in one of those countries in white

I like this guy

based chile

That's the reason you're perpetually poor.

honestly this map seems wrong. No tap water in China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey? That's impossible

Same. $2 USD 20 liters.

You have great organs.

If you live in British Columbia there is no reason to buy bottled water.

Don't you guys know these?
You can get a truck to your house to exchange them or go to a place to fill it.

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>drinking tap water in the US

they have tapped water but it is advised that you should drink it straight from the tap, especially when you’re not from there

why, tap water is cheaper, and sometimes better than water in bottle. also how do you cook?

I drink it all the time. It's potable and treated in most cities. In far away rural areas they probably still don't have access to potable water so I'm sure they boil it to kill off bacteria

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in some countries people can do it

como le dicen a ese trabajo? aguero?

you live in a office?

>You can get a truck to your house...
Don't buy that shit, it taste weird. Just buy them in oxxo.

They're making the frogs gay.

Not for long

Tap water and soda stream for bubbles and you have minerál water

Repartidor de agua o aguador. Dudosa calidad. Se me hace que la llenan del tubo.

I buy mineral water here.
Only poor fags drink tap water.

> drinking tap water

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Reminder that most bottled water is literally just tap water.

I wouldn't trust the people responsible for it
>also how do you cook?
if the cooking involves boiling like a stew or something like that then I use tap water

I remember some whitoid drink water straight from the natural spring in rural Yogyakarta because the local did the same thing, the poor guy almost died from cholera

Tap water here is better than bottled water

the thing is first worlder immune system got btfo really hard after a decade of chorines treated water and antibiotic infused food, when the actual danger comes up their immune system had no idea how to fight them

We have a separate supply line for drinking water, and we filter that before drinking. Tap water is strictly for washing only

I never do, I just fill them out whenever I feel like, but the trucks are an option many people take. I guess the Coca Cola trucks must have good quality.

No, its very common, just like garbage trucks

what's the reason why these countries don't have "good" tap water?
>I wouldn't trust the people responsible for it
well, ok that's a reason. Aren't you a bit paranoid about this though?

This is probably the best metric of a first world country.

I know that when you visit Bolivia you are instructed to not drink tap water. A friend of mine visited La Paz and had diarrhea for not following this instruction.
That being said, I doubt this map, because I'm pretty sure you can drink tap water in Argentina without any concern.

Flint was a failure on the local, state, and federal level.
The people working at the water purification plant should've immediately issued a boil notice and notified the state.

they sell those here, but I honestly don't know anyone who ever buys it since it's very big, I'm sure that thing has like 30L. People who buy water here buy 6L bottles or bags like these

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you cant drink it here either...

>being pumped with.
Chemicals is good

>visit colombia
>smoke a shit ton of weed during my visit
>drink tap water and brush my teeth afterwards
>after I return to the US, I have terrible diarrhea for 4 days
>was stressing because I realized that I had a drug test for a project i’m doing
>get drug tested
>test negative for weed, despite being tested only a week after smoking a fuckton of weed
>my literal shit storm must have cleared to THC out if my body to the point where it was below the detectable threshold

Yeah...i’m thinking 3rd world countries are based

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How do you wash your teeth or shower with sipping tiny bit of water ? Or when you shower it goes into your eyes it’s dangerous no ?

>Drinking tap water
A thirdie who thinks it's a typical firstie thing.
>Buying a bottled water but tap water is drinkable
A real firstie who knows water pipe is degenerated

The US is one good example of what I'm talking about, the country is supposedly safe to drink tap water but not so long ago there was news about a town/city/county where the water was contaminated by heavy metals, and this is the things we get to know, imagine what else happens and people are simply not aware of it

where did you stay? water in most cities is potable. You would've gotten diarrhea even if you drank water in japan and the reason is due to the hardness of the water and different minerals compared to the usa. For example, high magnesium in water can lead to diarrhea

Russian people drink only vodka.
And they wash their body with vodka so they can’t be killed by China virus.

>water pipe is degenerated
Yup, that's a sign of being a third world country.

I was in Cartagena for 5 days. Man what an interesting experience that was.

yeah but it was in a poor area near detroit (or Chicago, i don't remember well), and it was a local incident. also the whole media covered that shit for months and it made a scandale, wich prooves this is an unusual situation in the country

I live in the shithole part of this shithole and I drink tap water all the time

I thought South Africa was developed country.


Yeah, Europoors are always stupid.
That's why Europoors have got the worst corona pandemic in the world.