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>Trump killing off his own base like this

so it increased from one case to two?
stop slandering our God emperor

no, he's wiping out libs
all according to plan

Wrong. We are becoming immune to Coronavirus while you hide in your house

Honestly that's as plausible as him actually believing what he says at this point

Cope, retard.

Do they?

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>he thinks there aren’t Republicans in NYC

>thats right sir, 1 tidepod 3 times a day with bleach
>nurse? send in the next patient...these new trump guidelines sure make my job easier!

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What lib would listen to that retard

Trump is a retard, but do you know what's worse? He's unironically the best presidential candidate America has right now.


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What about Berny?

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Bernie practically dropped out

Hes out of the race because the dnc is run by jewish oligarchs


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You mean the literal socialist who got cucked by his own party twice in a row?

the news channels have been having a solid time here from the drama in America. Indian news channels are usually sensationalist as fuck.

one went, on your states not agreeing to lockdown, "This is the United States of America, or should I say, the Disunited States of America... In a time like this, when Indian states cooperated with the federal government, the American States seem to be heading in the other direction."

"americans are dying in the thousands and yet the country refuses to take action against the Chinese for this virus. Is this american strength? it only works against countries like Afghanistan, and Iraq."

keep in mind this isn't state media, Indian state media channels tend to be pretty dull with a woman reading news from the screen. stuff like IBN7, ABP, and NDTV, Republic TV can be compared to CNN, NBC and Fox News.

Pussy lib afraid to gargle a little lysol

A socialist?! How horrible!

What if he gives america free healthcare and actually taxes their rich people who keep on abusing 90% of the americna population?

Those stinky socialists!

>A socialist?! How horrible!
>What if he gives america free healthcare and actually taxes their rich people who keep on abusing 90% of the americna population?
>Those stinky socialists!

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>rich people
why does it matter if somebody has more money than you?

that's communism and communism is against the bible

>amerimutts getting B L E A CH E D

haha MAGA

Amerifats and being dumb, name a more iconic duo.

lol class cuck

The Bible is fucking stupid anyways

seethe, faggot

Imagine seething because somebody has more money than you lmao. Pathetic

Drink the bleach

Nobody cares mud skin

we rule your country, maple tree fucker.


Retards like that are probably bored trolls but this guy showed up on twitter surrounding medical groups frantically warning people not to drink bleach.
All of my whey, lad.

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>there are no republicans in New York State

I know Trump supporters are retarded, I mean they are drinking bleach and all that, but not like this

You can't even run your anus into a toilet

I probably have more money than you. Does that make you see the too? What if I have $5 more?

Why does it matter?

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Indians do rule Canada now though.

you know that Trump is from New York, right?

>amerimutts getting B L E A CH E D
We're just cleaning the gene pool.

You don’t even rule yourselves you subhuman shitskin. Your country is actually fucking disgusting, living there sounds like literally hell

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Then you will pay more lol. Really, stop being a cuck



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Based drumpf

*drinks flammable lead poisoned water*

>Coming from a mutt

How's your bull's cum taste? Is it stinky like your cheeses?


Seethe harder retards. No matter how much you screech like children, no adult actually cares if somebody else has more money. But I’m sure you’ll call me a cuck regardless lmao.