inexcusably English

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Peng asian tings

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numb throat makes me wanna gag

god its good to be white and english

maybe I raype


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mad how the empire was proliferated by aristocrats traveling the world looking for ever more exotic bulls for their wives and daughters

ah yes, the so-called islamic state, or as i've taken to calling them, da'esh

No! Bad Hans


Saw something like this posted earlier and decided to make an expanded version of it.


the ultimate meeting of football clubs

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I saw her knickers

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sipping on some windex

Is /brit/ a Dixie or Yankee general?

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priti needs a box to stand on to reach the podium :3

i hate british people but i can't stay out of your threads
god help me

Why are Krauts on Yas Forums obsessed with Brits?

>What are you wearing? You’re in northern euro...

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would pretend to be interested in all your romantic anecdotes, but I've never been interested in FAIRY tales haha

is this, dare i say it, the sound of the summer?

Bet the runts here who couldn't go a week without drinking are the same people who think smoking weed once a week is disgusting

exeter chiefs 2bh

A veritable Clash of the Titans, if you will

Which one of you cunts has been spamming shitty images that caused my IP range to get blocked for spam. If it was you, and you're in staffordshire, give me your address so I can roundhouse you.

rent free

You lads are gay virgins haha and 190 is the biggest gay virgin of all hahaha he’s so soft he’s never been in a scrap in his life, hasn’t grazed a fucking knuckle and he also didn’t pull at freshers hahaha what a pathetic little waste of oxygen, as for the rest of you little twerps if you fancy a scrap meet me behind the wheelie bins and I’ll pulverise you ahahah try me bitch try me I’m going full BEASTMODE

Do you think Kite would have stood a chance against Pitou if he had both arms + didn't have to worry about Gon / Killua?


quite like that african funeral meme


the people ahead of her DEFINITELY saw her doing that, they were right in front of her.

We are both Saxon peoples!

terry the law abider here

germs are still utterly seething that we voted to leave the eu and how it's helped a power shift occur where france and macron are emerging as the de facto leaders of the union

>not having a pass

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don't like paul mccartney

that was the year it was released this year’s is this

Whats leftypol on about now? for fuck sake leftypol take it to twitter where they actually give a fuck

All anime looks the same to me



How come they're not releasing the grooming gangs report lads?

Don't deal in meme currency so I can't renew mine.

>giving your card details to Yas Forums
idiot. Where is the paypal option anyway?

not that fit
great baps though

since women won't have sex with ugly men anymore does that mean there will be no ugly people in the future?

Unit 24, Adswood Industrial Estate Adswood Rd, Cheadle SK3 8LF

This is the gayborhood and YOU are not welcome!

paul didnt turn up the video shoot says alot

It's really not hard to buy.


Why can't we have based leaders

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rent free

you know that feeling when you've eaten too much bread and your throat gets all tight like you can't breath?
got that


wish i was part of the tribe so i'd get a free music career

someone mentioned british india and he lost the plot, confirmed pajeet

Refuse on principle.

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>pay for 4channel pass
>say words
>get your money stolen

it's posters like me that are truly free, poo nigger

deano, my son