This is the ideal South America. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

This is the ideal South America. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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Nueva Andalucia should actually be New Australia



Was there any logic in the naming?


>Tierra Firme : mestizos and some blacks
>Nueva Castilla : blacks and indigenous ppl
>Nueva Toledo : muttland
>Nueva Andalucia : muttland/kinda white?
>Nueva Leon : Europe 2.0
Right? South American anons is my understanding correct?

>castilla above toledo
>leon below andalucia, toledo and castilla

>>Nueva Leon : Europe 2.0
Nah that's Patagonia and only native people live there

That many straight lines trigger my autism. Rivers are the god tier borders of choice imo

Rivers are ok but mountain ranges are better.

This is the ideal South America.

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literally full of amerindians
also its a desert (at least argentine side)



nueva leon aka patagonia is mostly mestizos.
Tierra firme mostly pred euro trirracials, trirracials and harnizos.
nueva andalucia mostly harnizo, castizo.
nueva castilla mostly mestizo, indomestizo and trirracial. nueva toledo mostly indo mestizo, pred euro trirracial and castizos in the east

That "Nueva toledo" gets a good part of Brazilian places with highest european influence. Because It gets São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brasília
Nueva Andalucia is by far the whitest place
You can find some white people in Nueva Leon but they are really few. I found a family of patagonian tourists last year, the father was white, blue eyeds and obese, but the rest of family was brown (and fatty too)

>Nueva Leon : Europe 2.0
That would be Nueva Andalucia.

Una Nueva Andalucia por favor

from highest to lowest average euro admixture: Nueva Andalucia > Nueva Toledo > Tierra Firme > tie between Nueva Leon and Capitulacion > Nueva Castilla

>Tierra Firme: Somewhat accurate (blacks should be given a higher emphasis in the caribbean region)
>Nueva Castilla: I imagine less black than above, but ok
>Nueva Toledo: Seems to be more diverse racially and even predominantly amerindian in some parts (mainly the Spanish speaking ones)
>Nueva Andalucía: Mestizo/Amerindian and White depending on the region
>Nueva León: Predominantly mestizo from the admittably few patagonian towns I looked up (European diaspora likely has been overblown)

>Nueva andalucía
>Literally there are no andalusians in that part of Latin america

I mean, you could have tried better.

What's the obsession of Latin Americans wanting to be owned by Spaniards? What is this cuck mentality?

It was another shitpost I post about continents with their "ideal borders" lol

their speech pattern is vastly influenced by andalucians

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Here's your New Spain bros

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Lo dices como si el se lo hubiera inventado, creo que es una división territorial que de verdad existió con ese nombre

New Andalucia governorate was basically the caribbean Island of HIspaniola, Puerto Rico and Cuba

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Nueva Toledo would be a total shithole

So is every dialect spoken outside continental Spain.

Ya pero me parece absurdo en un contecto actual, siendo las partes de latino américa que menos influencia andaluza recibieron.

The Eternal Ang*o and his Jew masters destroyed this.

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>The eternal algo destroyed that

Based anglos.

También tenían otra "Nueva Andalucía" en Río de la Plata.ón_de_Nueva_Andalucía_del_Río_de_la_Plata

Not up in the mountains of South and Mesoamerica, where castillian and basque (to a lesser extent) speech patterns were able to overcome andalucian, not saying andalucian didn't play a role though

Empires and nation states were a mistake, city states where it's at.

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