How do Britoids feel when they see such pictures?

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computers have done us in

Nice video

people were much better dressed back then

I think those people appear healthier, smarter, and much more well dressed than the contemporary Brits I've seen. Though I don't personally think the errant eccentric male long hair looks any good.

Feels terrible mate, London used to just feel like any other English city but bigger now it feels totally foreign. I watched a lot of old archival footage from the 50's to the modern day and seeing the demographics and accents change is dire, it goes from having a small but growing non white population until the 90's until Tony Blair gets his hands on the country and decides to 'rub the right's nose in diversity' and turned England into a refuge for the earth's scum.

I think 1990s London was the peak of London being an English city, it still had sizeable amounts of Africans and Asians but the English population was the vast majority and it still had working class population there. It was still a city normal people could just live because they were born there why wouldn't they live in the same place as their family has lived for hundreds of years. Now London is a soulless transient city.

Kinda sad. btw I used to watch the Persuaders with my dad when I was younger. This tv series have a good old england vibe.

FUCK London all my homies fuck with Liverpool

Yeah but now we have loads of different places to eat and stuff so overall it's worth it la

did not ask

City of london is wh*te and its the most soulless part

I feel seething anger at Poles who started WW2

fuck everywhere north of Bristol


so bombay potatoes are peng, but what about bombay parsnips?

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All the centuries of history and remarkable contributions to mankind and it will all be undone in the blink of an eye

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>I think 1990s London was the peak of London being an English city
the 90s in general was the peak of western society.

from dust we are born, and to dust we return

>international high finance jews

Cute white Brit girl

high af and have a bowl of profiteroles with hot fudge on top lads

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hows this for hot fudge
*loudly soils pants*

1950s were the peak.


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1950s Britain was bleak as fuck, food rationing didn't end until like 1957

nah, the 90s were affluent and modern without it being overbearing. Music/culture now is nothing but a glib facsimile of the 90s, but with technology and the internet now being dominant rather than supplementary

It was not the peak in terms of wealth, but by that measure. We have yet to reach the peak as Britons of today are probably better off than the were in the 1990s.
In the 1950s there was still such a thing as community. There was also a feeling of optimism after the war.

certainly, the people of a certain corner of the country are far better off now than in the 90s

might order a cheeky takeaway later lads

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