How are black girls viewed (in your country)

How are black girls viewed (in your country)

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breeding sows

that girl behind her on the left tho

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easy targets

Objects of desire

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imagine hitting that

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we prefer them more than white girls

As hot as she is, the hairless head freaks me out.

As human beans like everyone else.

Well except for east germany most of them are racist shitbags for no apparent reason.

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I don't understand why so many black girls shave their head when they look so better with actual hair

I personally don't mind it. I think it would be nice to the touch, like a sheared sheep.

Hah, they really didn't like me when I went through there hey

>like a sheared sheep
that's a weird fetish but ok

people stare at them because they are so rare, makes them feel uncomfortable

For the most part they're viewed just like any other person. Sometimes you have white trash retards or self-hating Latinos giving them shit. But deep down inside we all want a Nubian queen.

It's really weird. Berlin is like a mega hyper leftist shithole but hundreds of km around it is all smaller cities full of conservative boomers and their equally retarded offsprings. Even though statistically they have the smallest amount of migrants there

It's not a fetish. I am, what the Yanks would call, a hillbilly. I grew up in the mountains and I often had to shear our sheep. They felt really nice to the touch afterwards.

so you want a girl like that?

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I'd hug her

There is no black girls here. Maybe Cuban and Honduran immigrants.

very sexual

Built for BWC.

Why else do you think African Americans are like 30% white on average?

bumping good thread

Really? I think black girls look the best with shaved heads

I assume it has to do with how hard black hair is to maintain. Although if you are mixed I would assume it's more managable.


As ugly and prostitutes


Is this Sweden

good taste


tfw you'll never be a southern slave owner getting to breed that daily.

if only they actually looked like that

today I saw a black woman that looked so cartoonishly negrish it literally made me say out loud what the fuck (I was driving by)