Native Americans are ug-

>Native Americans are ug-

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who is this? pls


Cuaron's nanny

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why do you mexicans bully that girl so much?

They look like can od yoghurt

the gal from Roma

selfhate cope

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Because the white mexican actresses will never make it past a few telenovela roles


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Thats a native OLMECSTANI, not a native american

wish we had her as a maid instead of ugly old Bosnian ladies with mustaches

someone post that qt peruvian girl. fast!

Are you offering them to white men?


why do they put on so much lipstick if they have wide mouths to begin with?

Mestizo complexe, mexicans only hire the castizo minorities in their soap operas to give us a false image about mexico being a "white" country, but when a real mexican that looks like most of them made it to fame they started hating her because she destroyed the image of the white and european mexico, that their film industry was trying to promote for years

They do not use much lipstick, girl in op is a rare case

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>Mestizo complexe
Nope, not mestizo complex. The people who run mexican media and only hire castizos are not mestizos

they hire harnizos and mestizos too, they just discriminate indo-mestizos and obvious natives

This photo reminds me of a native bitch I met that ghosted me despite the appearance of things going so well

It still hurts a little brahs

>a real mexican that looks like most of them
Mexicans are brown but most do not look like yalitza, yalitzas phenotype is exclusive to the states of oaxaca, chiapas and costa chica guerrero. The average mexican looks more like pic related

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more average mexican girls

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She won’t age well. I can already tell

which one

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>Let me tell you about your country