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Cymru edition

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pubwankers love their pubs

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Currently experiencing the first proper hangover of the lockdown

Feel grimola. Welcome to Grimmington, population 1 (me)

Dare I say it? Based edition


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miss the pub lads

dwin gallu siarad cymreig

yeah that makes sense

taen ta morrah huhrran paebah o' caomhain!

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get the union rag out of there

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Looks like the normies need to touch the stove before learning.

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didnt care the first 4 times

we'll be singing when were winning

would legit panic if they banned alcohol sales in conjunction with the lockdown like they did in south africa

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he didnt spend his summers in pembrokeshire

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Two world wars and one world cup

doo dah

doo dah

>image is 5 years old

yes these days I am sporting a healthy tan

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You can't ban alcohol. Going cold turkey from the booze could kill you.

too many english people in pembrokeshire


there would be riots

>cities and large towns filled with Muslims, Pakistanis, darkies, loony lefties and pretentious, spoiled, pseudo-intellectual uni students
>smaller towns and rural areas filled with chavs/deanos, psychotic middle-class bullies, uneducated weirdos and out-of-touch, bigoted, self-righteous boomers and elderly people who have lived in the same place their whole life

where do i go?

dead welsh uncles sub-edition

Who /gifted/ here?

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How about the fifth?

Very bad idea. Lots of dead alcos and disobedience from the already distressed normies.


post the link and/or cease with this gimmick you virgin freak spazmoid

uganda be kidding me

been sunbathing and reading for the past 3 hours
getting the vitamin D levels up AND expanding my already considerable brain

have no fucking clue what any of this means

ah yes a paper cut
so this is my thanks for trying to recycle

honestly sounds like the real problem is you. give your head a wobble you hate-filled twat.

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Thought this was happening here when news of the shutdown broke, Bought 10 cases of bud light and 4 of those big jugs of rum and vodka from a walgreens

let's do 6 days fasting

Ever wonder why off-license shops were literally the first thing to reopen not even a week into lockdown? Shows you how important it is.

On another note, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 5 weeks.

St Kilda

that's tiny, can't be much fish in it



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Um, hello? Comfy department?

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do you have a teddy bear? what's his/her name?

What are you playing today my fellow gamers?

he's bent and gets turned on by getting AIDS


are welsh mostly prods or catholics?

it's private, you have to earn access, she doesn't just give it out to anyone. Will you be a subscriber? I could put in a good word for you

oh right



bronze age pervert

they never closed

Rome total war 2 campaign with DEI mod

looool bill hicks has been reincarnated


what do you think of brit have you had uganda haha?

hello everyone

just saying

im thinking about making a youtube channel because im funny but also good looking so id have many fans


as soon as i put my face on a youtube channel my degree is a waste


so yh aha


What faction?

prods, hasn't been majority catholic since the days of the reformation
main denominations are church of wales, methodists, and nonconformists
most young people are irreligious

Phwoar I'd brief her if you know what I mean

How does it feel
To treat me like you do?
When you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are?

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>The largest single denomination of Wales is Calvinist Methodism (Presbyterian Church of Wales), followed by the (Anglican) Church in Wales with 30% of the population, the Roman Catholic Church with 3% and the Congregationalist Union of Welsh Independents with 1% of the population

any oakwood man in?

>A mother-to-be from Scotland fears she could be prevented from being at the birth of her first child because of the current UK lockdown.

>Olivia Rowlands and her husband Sam are expecting a baby girl in July - the baby is being carried by her cousin, Ellie Hutchinson

>"We have Facetime and photos but it has meant we have missed appointments - like the one where where we would hear the heartbeat for the first time," Ms Rowlands told BBC Scotland.

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The Saka Rauka. Done the greeks and romans to death at this point and fancied steppe nomads for a change

beefy poz loads

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That seaside British Isle vibe is just tremendous, might end up there one day. What's better for comfy coastal villages, Cornwall or Wales?

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good one lad

Just two beers, not breaking the bank

>as soon as i put my face on a youtube channel my degree is a waste
also everyone can put a face to the nonce who fingered his niece

basically anywhere on the coast is nice. The south coast is warmer though

Really? I could have sworn they shut briefly.


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home away from home

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you actually defy belief with your level of commitment and wide array of gimmicks. i don't think most posters realise how fucking prevalent you are. it's honestly impressive, and quite scary.

>looking down every other word

Bitch is rubbish at public speaking

only got CoD and Fifa on my PS4 unironically they’re the only games any of my mates play and that takes up all the memory space apparently grim grim grim

got a numb throat from the packet
makes me wanna urge

Manic Street Preachers? what right do they have to call themselves preachers?

Bet it fucking sucked to be in a cavalry regiment in the 1920's and they decided to switch you over to tanks.

Lion bars are excellent

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Most fun I ever had was playing that mod on Legendary when it was still in Alpha and overtuned to fuck. Recall playing as Rome and facing down a full stack bearing down on Arretium every other turn. Or if it wasn't that then endless waves of Carthaginian transports sacrificing themselves to my navy.