Should they ban guns?

Should they ban guns?

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we should ban guns for everyone who voted for donald trump in 2016/2020 as they all have a mental illness (retardation).



they should ban schools


We need America as a living example why free gun ownership is bad

just ban hands, then no one can shoot you

They should Ban California and New York from having a say on guns.
They should abolish SBR and other Length based restrictions on guns.
They should repeal 1986 Assault Weapons ban.
God Bless the Second Amendment

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just like they banned alcohol back in the day. Worked out wonderfully

they should have brought in sensible gun control a long time ago, but banning guns now would be like closing the barn door after the horses have bolted

Americans should not be allowed to own handguns, but tourists should probably be armed

absolutely retarded mentality
normal people don’t have gun addictions
normal people don’t shoot eachother to relieve stress
normal people don’t meet up in public to shoot eachother

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>protest against the quarantine during a global pandemic
>drink bleach and disinfectant because Trump told you it may kill the virus
>have the right to own assault rifles
They should ban the whole country

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Is this bait? Because Americans do all of these

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>Assault rifles
Fucking brainlet.

he never said Americans are normal people tho

you really do all of those tho

They should ban bleach and disinfectant.

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exactly, normal people dont do that shit so why take everyones right

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not my heking automaticherino, this is not assaulterino

Based and Coltpilled

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Why not? It's like any other law, won't stop anyone with two brain cells.

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There is no such thing as "normal people" in the US

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Also this shiathole, as history has proven, needs to follow their example, in terms of guns.

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Americans need guns to protect themselves from bad guys with guns and It is impossible to remove all guns.
I understand it.
But at least they can agree that, ideally, gun free society is better than gun society, right?

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Cool graph, didnt even open it, monkey.

No! Everyone and I mean everyone in the world should own a gun. You know all the stuff the communists said about equality and emancipation? Yeah, that was all lies from their lips but on the other hand automatic small arms do give the individual exactly that.

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only smart city people should be allowed to arm firearms so they can protect themselves from rural and suburban retards

Hell yeah, I'm 197 cm, I'd get what ever the fuck I wanted.


>nooo we peasants don't need guns my lord and his knights will take care and protect us
>ideally, gun free society is better than gun society, right
Gun free society either means that the only people with guns are police and military, whose loyalty to people over goverment is questionable
Or it means that you live in some Communist paradise where not even police and military are armed, which means that you are open to outside oppression.
Only YOU can protect your own family, land and values.

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No Takeshi, its all relative to your geopolitical location.

When youre surrounded by war mongering blood thisty monsters who will not stop till every last one of your people are enslaved and wiped off the map, like us, we need to make sure every last one of us has at least a portable nuclear warhead.

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I was obviously being sarcastic comparing it to the alcohol ban. This is what I mean: